Thursday, March 31, 2005

I figure george has recently been hooked up to an aspirin IV. This, overall has not been a good day. I would like to see how his advisors who read the paper and watch the news for him summarize today:

1) A Presidential report (mentioned in an earlier entry) says that the pre-Iraq War intelligence was "dead wrong" and it is shocking how little we knew and know now about WMD in that area of the world.

2) Terry Schiavo has at last passed away, but not before a Florida judge rebuked the president and Congress for intervening in the case, calling their actions unconsitutional

3) The Pope has been given last rites.

4) GOP Congressfolk in Iowa are saying that the social security plan "isn't selling"

5) The Massachusetts State Senate has passed a bill promoting stem cell research (and of course toady governor Mitt Romney will probably try to veto this thing).

6) People see it as a little sketchy that George is trying to keep all his cabinet secretaries "close to home" (well, we know Condi's had no qualms about this...)

7) another judge has blocked a "Bush administration rule" that allowed companies to cut or eliminate benefits once a worker reached 65.

Wow, that's a lot...he does apparently have one thing to smile about...somehow (most likely through Rove-spiked punch) Wolfowitz will be alloed to head the World Bank. I don't what he said on the phone to members of the EU...and perhaps I don't want to know...though perhaps I hope they were taped and it'll blow open like "bankgate".

In the meantime, KEEP E-MAILING!! and also send a little note congratulating Air America for surviving a full year breaking open the conservative airwaves and shouting loud and to the left.

Peace --Alex

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

george and the women

Oh George, George, George...he really is a stubborn boy cause he STILL is trying to push ahead with his social security plan and Iraq despite the fact that his approval ratings are plummeting quicker than a Hollywood neckline.

I am sure he was not please to hear, as I heard this morning on NPR (but have not seen any related articles to link to), that a judge said NO, you CAN'T just randomly transfer detainees from Guantanamo to their home countries or someplace else without giving 30 days notice and telling folks exactly where they are being sent. Yes, George this totally screws with your administrations plans to sneak them out of Cuba and torture them someplace else. Sorry George and Mr. Alvarez.

And speaking of people George doesn't want to listen to, AARP has been shovelling out over 5 Million dollars for ads against his Social Security plan, and they're not done yet. They may be old, George, but, like my mom, they're feisty and they're pissed.

And speaking of it all being about the advertising, there are folks getting out the money against Tom DeLay, using him as a symbol of GOP greed and corruption...will THIS at long last get that man out of office and into a 6X9 cell with some guy named "Hammer"?

And speaking of trying to speak out against corruption, obviously these people trying to sit in on a "town meeting" about Social Security in Colorado forgot to sign the loyalty oath as they, while not having caused any disruption, were "ushered out" by a GOP staffer after it was revealed that they had a "No more blood for oil" sticker on their car. *would you like silver or black duct tape across your mouth?*


Laura's On The March!! Not to be upstaged by Condoleeza *whip crack* Rice, Laura Bush made her way to Afghanistan this week to "express solidarity with Afghan women", pushing for more education programs and rights.
Okay, so while you're pushing for rights over there, could you come backand do the same here? You know, tell those pharmacies in up to 20 states that they cannot NOT give a woman her contraception prescription just because of their religious beliefs? And perhaps also, ask George to change his AIDS plan in Africa which is based on abstinence, marital stability with "condoms as a distant third" as women are DYING cause their married husbands are fooling around, getting AIDS and refusing to wear condoms, therefore infecting their wives. And then there are the men who've been told-and BELIEVE-that if they have sex with a virgin they'll be cured, hence hundreds of girls are getting raped and infected with HIV. With a new, stronger strain of AIDS discovered here, one might want to take a step back and re-evaluate the AIDS plan over there...and HERE. Just sayin'...

SO, what does this mean? You might want to drop George and Laura a note and KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press, your Congressfolk and THE WHITE HOUSE and let them know that you are paying attention!! I'd add more but they're makin' me do my JOB!!! frightening! Peace and Happy SPRING!!!

Peace --Alex

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

if it works on Bolton...

perhaps it might work on Wolfowitz...59 ex-diplomats who worked for Democratic and Republican administrations have all signed a letter asking the Senate to reject the nomination of John Bolton to ambassador to the UN. Now we all know, like all the Presidential nominees to high positions, Bolton talks a whole lot of crazy, but these ex-diplomats make special mention of his "insistence that the UN is valuable only when it directly serves the United States." (don't they realize with that thinking of course he's PERFECT for the job!)

IN THE MEANTIME...Porter Goss I'm sure has been guzzling Pepto all day as a presidential report (that's right George, these are your people that looked into this), just released gives a "searing critique" of the CIA and other intelligence agencies about how the handled Iraq before going in and since (such as not really being sure about Saddam and how much-or little-of a threat he really was...this has never been a fact oriented administration, you notice?)

And speaking of things George doesn't wanna hear...despite his being the "compassionate conservative" and trying to "unite" the nation, "Partisan Polarization Intensified In 2004 Election". Yeah I think we figured that one out, but just in case you needed further confirmation...

Though I'm sure George is smiling a confused grin (can we just thnak Dave Letterman for his segments such as "Inappropriate Smile"?) at this latest study. Apparently, College faculties are not only predominately liberal, they're even more left than originally thought. %72 percent of professors consider themselves liberal compared to %15 who see themselves as conservative. At the "most (damn intellectual) elite" schools, the disparity is greater at 87% liberal to 13% conservative. *"All those stupid edumacated liberals. Why have they got to think they're better than us cause they talk gooder? Laura was a teacher and what good did it do her? Oh wait..she met ME...yeah that's it...and she hasn't had to teach since...HA!"*

And speaking of smart people, it's those "conservative intelligentsia" (you know Rove is looking to kick them out or is just hunting for his mind control agent) who are causing a ruckus in Congress over Bush's personal accounts...they're just looking for that idea to just goo away..

And speaking of conservatives turning on their own, the Wall Street Journal, of all papers, apparently had an editorial against DeLay leaving him thinking: "Et tu, Wall Street Journal?" hey even they can only take so much. Will somebody just put that man in prison...please?

And speaking of Tom DeLay and other Republicans trying to take over the world with their own less bloody yet no less loud version of the Crusades, Paul Krugman makes note of how perhaps we ought to let these "extremists" know that we are paying attention and see them for what they really are...

All right, after all that, we could use a chuckle, and mine is how the Red Sox did beat the Yanks in Spring Training today 7p-3p.

AND it appears that SPRING has actually SPRUNG in New York City. YEE HA!!

But before you go out there and enjoy the last of the sunshine and 50+ degree weather, I ask you one favor: KEEP E-MAILING!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! and as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!!

Peace --Alex

Monday, March 28, 2005

"Teflon" Tom and "Beat Around The" Bush

So while I was sitting in the car as my mom drove me back to the bus station yesterday afternoon, it was reported on the news that the LA Times had a story about our favotire hypocrite Tom DeLay's own Terry Schiavo moment. 17 years ago, his father was on his last legs, and it was decided that his father would "not want to live this way" hence his feeding tube was removed and his father was allowed to die with dignity. And where did the LA Times get this info? From DeLay's MOTHER.

IN THE MEANTIME...this again is pretty much all going to be yet another thrilling edition of "things George doesn't want to hear"..

SUCH AS...a CBS poll marked how %82 of folks think the government should not have gotten involved with the Schiavo case. Also, in the week since George GOT involved his approval ratings dropped from %52 to %46.

Newsweek has an article, the title of which should bring up flashbacks of another corrupt administration: "Follow The Money". This one is about how while there are watchdog groups tracking fraud-laden contractors in Iraq, the administration is turning a blind eye and not supporting those trying to sue and get lost tax-payer dollars back. (cough-Halliburton-cough-Cheney-cough)

And speaking of Bush not necessarily putting the country first...a commentator on CBS mentioned how this particular Administration seems to be for State's Rights until those rights don't appeal to them. Well, Texas, yes, TEXAS is trying to sue the President for trying to intervene in a death penalty case which he has decided to use for political purposes (sound familiar?), thinking "he's messin' with Texas!"

We've known that since he's been part of the administration, Karl Rove is indeed, an evil genius, his black shadow spreading slowly yet steadily over the nation and the White House over the last four years and 3 months. But nothing was like seeing the Quote of the Day in the New York Times today, to confirm it all: "All roads lead to Karl Rove"- Kenneth J. Duberstein, Republican lobbyist. (can you just hear the "Bwa-HA-HA!")

And speaking of Rove's evil shadow, this story just killed me. There are science museums, mostly down south, who are not showing certain IMAX movies because they are afraid of offending fundamentalist Christians with, you know, SCIENCE...the dumbing down of America continues...

and speaking of people trying to spread that reach...The FCC's Kevin J. Martin, may be out to take a big black marker to cable scripts as well (I'm the sure the Deadwood writers have one word for him and the FCC: "Cocksucker!")

And just when Bush thought he had a friend in Gerhard Schroder, Schroder goes and does this thing that you think Bush might try here. He's asking companies in Germany to stop outsourcing and create jobs here in the US. Go figure...

So while you ponder whether or not George might actually take a hint from Schroder, KEEP E-MAILING!!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press, and your COngressfolk and let them know that you are paying attention!!! And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

PS I just have to add a big old THANK YOU to the folks who came out to what was essentially my solo Carnegie Weill Hall debut this weekend. I was part of a student showcase, sang two arias and managed to not to throw up on stage. Here's to getting my own recital at Weill Hall, woo hoo!

Friday, March 25, 2005

another quickie entry...

So I was out of the office for a couple of days to do the Met Opera Chorus call and then get my taxes done, and I return and again, there's too much too talk about and too little time.

It's all pretty much another big entry of "things George doesn't want to hear" such as:

*A new poll says the Evangelicals don't want the government involved Terry Schiavo and her feeding tube.

*Just call him "Teflon" Tom DeLay was heard ON TAPE saying that the Schiavo case was the perfect case with which to push the "pro-life" agenda, AND ABC news recieved a memo that was only supposed to go to Republicans stating this as well.

*The Chippewa community in Minnesota where a student shot a number of students, a teacher and a security guard before turning the gun on himself has beenm wondering why Bush hasn't called...Bush claims he has called a couple of times but only got the voicemail. (please see wonkette for this blurb as well as the Craig's List reactions to the Terry Schiavo case)

*It's official. medicare is in worse trouble than social security. (it's kinda like Jon Stewart saying Bush was a letter off when deciding to attack Iraq or Iran...medicare and social security are in the same vacinity...)

And last but not least...according to CNN, an tunnel was found at an Iraqi prison. ADmittedly there was a part of me that was going "RUN! RUN!"

In the meantime KEEP E-MAILING!!!!! Even when your sleep deprived and too busy! Let your friends and family, the press and your COngressfolk know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!! and pass it on pass it on pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Monday, March 21, 2005

your right to your life...

This administration hits new lows every day and this weekend, they struck something close to bottom.

Terry Schiavo should not be in our papers, should not be on the nightly news, and most definitely, should not be used as a pawn by conservatives and our President.

This case, whether you feel that she should live or be allowed to die, should not have gotten to the point of CONGRESS setting up a special BILL, ONLY for her and having the President fly up from Texas to SIGN IT!. As Barney Frank and other Congressional critics of this business have said "I do not know who she is! I do not know her wishes! And neither do any of you!"

This case, a personal family matter, is being used by Conservatives as a way to eak in their ideology of how they are "for life", which can again be used against dissenters-Democrat and Republican-that they are not "for life" and would allow this woman-who apparently told her husband, brother-in-law, and best friend that she did NOT want to be left to live "like a vegetable"-to die, rather than to save her life. Thus we all know where this argument leads...

I find it truly apalling that our Administration is acting in such a particularly devious and controlling fashion, and so blantantly, but we all know, that this is not the first time, nor will it be the last.

If there is one lesson to be learned from this, make sure that you have your wishes IN WRITING for would you really want Congress doing this to YOU?

IN THE MEANTIME...further proof of our blatantly skeevie Administration:

I've joked about the Feds comin' after me, but now the FEC is actually looking into possibly restricting political blogs and sites...just wondering who'll be out to restrict first....

Paul Wolfowitz is doing for himself what Condi Rice is trying to do for the nation: make people who hate him, like him. He's called Bono, even.

The N.A.A.C.P has been fighting the IRS for some time now, claiming that this fight is less about an audit than government retaliation. And the N.A.A.C.P is not the only non-for-profit that is feeling this way...

This administration has proven that they have no qualms about retaliating against people who speak out against it, and it's getting uglier with the second term...SO KEEP E-MAILING!! It is imperative to let Congress and the White House know that you will not stand for this and are PAYING ATTENTION!! Call, write, fax, and e-mail your friends and family, the press and Congress, and as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Friday, March 18, 2005

looks like we might have Spring!!!

It MAY reach 49 degrees here in New York today and tomorrow and be nice next week so I figure it's time to think positively and pass on some nice things for today's blog.

*Thanks to groups like United For Peace and Justice and the Sojourners, Code Pink and, over 725 communities will be having rallies or vigils to mark the 2nd anniversary of Iraq. You can be sure that there is something near you, and if not, sent one up yourself!

*Yesterday, the Senate may have approved Bush's budget, but this version knocked out cuts to Medicaid, and adds to education and various social programs...okay it adds Republican tax cuts and overall is still a mess BUT 7 Republicans said no the the Medicaid cuts...hence there's a small sign of hope. And this thing ain't done yet...

*More and more US Troops are "unvolunteering"...basically doing everything from fleeing to Canada to filing for conscientious objector status...

*"Spamalot: the Musical"-based on Monty Python's Holy Grail-has opened on Broadway....and to such good reviews that I may never get a ticket but gosh darnit I'm gonna try.

*and in a "shameless publicity" moment...I will be making what for all intents and purposes will be my solo debut at Carnegie Hall next week. A friend of my voice teacher has rented out the hall to showcase her students. She was short two people and asked my teacher if she knew a couple people. Well, I'm one of the two. YEE HA! So basically no social events for me til after March 26th.

But as I'll have all this time not being out, I will KEEP E-MAILING!!! As should you! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your CONGRESSFOLK and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!! That you DO have issues with the budget and Iraq and the repeat judicial nominees Bush is putting forward and the freaks he is putting in charge of the World Bank, The UN and ...EVERYTHING. And as always, pass it on, pass it on ,pass it on!

Peace and Happy Friday! --Alex

Thursday, March 17, 2005

thank yous!!!

As reported by the AP 53 minutes (according to Yahoo news) John Kerry had this to say about Bush's 2.6 TRILLION (not million, not billion, TRILLION) dollar budget:

"This budget is like an Enron budget: smoke the numbers, cook the books, hide the truth and hope no one finds out,"

I say he deserves a little love.

As do all the Dems and the 7 Republicans who joined them when they just voted down the cut to medicaid for the poor that was to be part of this them some love and KEEP E-MAILING!

Peace --Alex

just when we thought it was safe...

Bush, again, freaks the world out by nominating Wolfowitz to head the World Bank. I just about dropped my bottle of green nail polish when I read that headlineIf you recall, the present head pretty much stated that Wolfowitz's name in the hat was a joke...but I guess Bush didn't like that and decided that "Hey, Wolfie-that's my nickname for him, you like that?-would be great as the head of the World Bank!...I don't know what everybody's so upset about..."

And to add to the crazy coming out of Bush's mouth today, he has come out in defense of Tom DeLay, thinks "progress" has been made on his Social Security reform (has he read the papers of late? oh wait he doesn't do that...) and again says that all is good in Iraq: "the coalition 'has been buoyed' by the Iraqi elections and efforts to create a new, democratically elected government." Yeah, Italy and the Urkraine have been buoyed enough to pull the hell out of there...

Though speaking of Tom DeLay...The Senate Finance Committee, while looking into Mr. DeLay's finances, found all this stuff on a lobbyist named Jack Abramoff who apparently used money from non-profit organizations to pay for "a variety of improper activity..."
Still wanna trust DeLay's "leadership" there George? Wait, what am I saying, of course you do!

Oh and I nearly forgot...he's nominated a new FCC head. Kevin Martin who looks 1) like he's not old enough to shave [despite being 38] and 2) perhaps a bit like a young Ned Flanders [despite being 38], is a "vocal indecency opponent" it just me or has anyone else noticed the Revival tent being pitched on the White House lawn.

IN THE MEANTIME...The Senate went down party lines 51-49 and voted FOR Artic Drilling...guess that Alaskan Senator is not depressed anymore...even if our land will be. Time to talk to your Congressfolk and urge them, despite this vote, to look for more sustainable forms of energy and work at putting forth Kerry's initial plan-a plan he planned to implement if voted President-to give incentives to companies that do research in that field. There's got to be a way to work around this drilling and pehaps even stop it. The Republicans find loopholes all the time, why can't we?

And to put salt in the wound...Congress voted to give the President $81.4 Billion for Iraq, which pushes the price up to over $300 Billion dollars.

And in the "things George doesn't want to hear" category, a couple of posts back, I mentioned how the Administration/CIA have this policy about sending detainees to other countries for "harsher interrogations"; as in the outsourcing of torture. Well, the CIA, which has claimed that torture is not part of the process, is being challenged about how they can't guarantee it's NOT happening...

BUT we can at least have this little bit of happy news...Henry Hyde-the model for Fat Bastard-is considering retirement at the end of his term...okay, time to find out who the promising Dems are in his district and get them going!!

And, Condolezza Rice says (repeatedly, no matter how many ways George Stephanopoulos and Tim Russert put the question, she is NOT (I repeat, NOT, NYET, NEIN, NON..."how many ways can I say no?") running for President. She and her high heeled boots have enough on their plate with trying to force other nations into freedom (DAMMIT!).

And also, on WFUV right now, they are playing a set of Black 47 covers and you haven't heard nothin' til you've heard "Don't Worry Bout A Thing" with bagpipes.

But before you head out for that pint of Guiness, KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-mail, call, fax, write your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! And heck sign this petition set up my Hoawrd Dean to save FREE SPEECH in Congress! And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Fake news is okay!!!

The Daily Show I truly hope used this last night or will soon (I had a longer weekend than initially planned. and basically crashed before 11p last night cause my body said STOP DOING THIS TO ME!). Yesterday, I brought up an article about how the Bush administration has been providing news outlets with pre-packaged news stories...and forgetting to mention that they put them together...Today, Bush's people, after realizing that somebody blabbed on them, have come out defending the propagan-I mean, pre-packaged, government-funded(yet unacknowledged) "news" stories...The administration "does not agree with GAO that the covert propaganda prohibition applies simply because an agency's role in producing and disseminating information is undisclosed or 'covert,' um...okay, need I say more?

And speaking of things that are not really covert but are, even the Pentagon has to go through an audit and they are questioning (and talking about) Halliburton's Costs in Iraq. Apparently there's about $100,000,000 of "questionable spending" such as buying liquified gas for $82,100, and paying 27.5 million to transport it...anyone wanna do the math on that?

And speaking of misspent funds...Even the GOP is wondering what the hell Bush is thinking as apparently there is a "GOP rebellion" going on over the budget. Now George may not mind having divided the nation or Congress, but I have a feeling he was just assuming that the Republicans would all be with him *"can't we all just get along? agreeing with me is just so much easier..."* They're eating their own, I tell ya, they're eating their own!!

IN THE MEANTIME...Condoleeza Rice now has a friend with whom to beat nations into submission with the whip of freedom. Karen Hughes is "eager to listen and learn" *whip crack* as she was announced as "undersecretary of state of public diplomacy" with the job of wooing the Muslims. The United States "must do a better job of engaging the Muslim world," Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice [said]. After I read that, it convinced me further that Hughes has been drugged or is really a clone as I would not believe that Hughes would come back for that job with this administration (anyone hear the whirring coming from her head?)

I brought up yesterday, as well, the story of how the EPA is looking to reduce Mercury levels. The way they are looking to do this is through a "cap-and-trade system that allows some power plants to make deep pollution cuts while others make none." So some plants out there will make cuts and other can INCREASE Mercury production...and this helps us how? You might want to check in with your Congressfolk about this. That and the Artic drilling...that cannot be allowed to happen.

And speaking of getting in touch with your Congressfolk, you might want to remind them-in case they have forgotten-that March 19th is the second anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. There will be rallies and vigils across the nation. If you want to join one click here.

And after all that, you may need a chuckle...or a peep show...and thanks to the loopholes in the laws that shut down adult shops and peep shows and such in the Times Square Area, there are some new places opening up thanks to enterprising folks who can afford pay the ever increasing rent in the area...cause sex indeed does sell.

But while you look for quarters KEEP E-MAILING!!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk. Let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! And, as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Monday, March 14, 2005

how fast can I type?

Okay, I got half an hour before I have to leave but feel that I HAVE to do this let's see what I can get done between phone calls...

Okay, from the center of the obvious, the front page of yesterday's NY Times, there's an article called "The Message Machine". Basically, the government has been giving news outlets pre-packaged reports...and forgetting to mention that THEY put them together. yeah surprise there, particularly after that whole press payola thing. I'm wondering...was it just not possible for Nixon or was he just too cheap as I figure he totally would have dug this plan...

Though, you know, sometimes the propaganda just doesn't work...such as with the 60 day 60 city Social Security Rocks! tour Bush and friends have been pulling. According to the latest Washington Post/ABC poll, barely a third of the nation thinks that his plan is a good idea and as people educate themselves about it, they like it less (hence Bush not likin' that edumacation...)

And speaking of George on tour and talkin' bout education...apparently, while talking about Social Security and how it's about to go to hell and bring us all down with it if we don't change it RIGHT NOW, he's been getting real spunky on the road...and in general. Dave Letterman has a bit on his show about George laughs at inappropriate times, well, now he's letting loose with the bad jokes-including ones about how he's the C- student, the guy next to him's the PhD, and he's the President HAHAHA! he avoided talking about this during the first term, but now he's loose and just don't care. Not like other politicians do this, but dude...timing, george, timing..and you got writers - USE THEM...

In the meantime, while the GOP should be at least a little concerned with George getting a little too loose "on tour" they're more worried-and rightly so about Tom DeLay. The GOPers are backing off, whispering...

And speaking of concern...poor Senator Stevens of Alaska. He apparently is "seriously depressed" after fighting for 24 years for artic drilling...cause God willing, he'll fail again (please call your Congessfolk and make sure that the artic drilling does NOT make it into the budget and then we'll hook up Stevens with some Zoloft...)

And speaking of the environment, George, while waiting for the apocolypse, has decided that the trading of mercury pollution is okay and actually helpful...yeah, for industry.

And in the "things George doesn't wanna hear" catergory, particularly when it's from a government study, "A Government Reort on Aviation Warns of Security Holes". taking off our shoes is not enough...

and at last...some GOOD news... a court in California has declared the ban on gay marriage unconsitutional...of course it is likely to be appealed, but they already tried that in MA..didn't work there...go thank California will ya :)

In the meantime...KEEP E-MAILING!!! and pass it on! Time's up!

Peace --Alex

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

catch up time!!

Good lord... it's audition season, I'm hunting for grants that are still good before all the 2005 dealines shut down and I'm actually trying to be responsible at my job. (Okay I admit that in some sleep deprived moments I've allowed my mind to wander and play a few games of Strike A Match at Boxerjam to wake up...OY!) But I figured it was just time to get back to this rather than just wake up with Strike a Match...and to remind myself that there are other things going on in the world other than Michael Jackson showing up at his trial in pajamas yesterday.

Today is the one year anniversary of The Madrid bombing; the bombing that caused the people of Spain to speak out, oust the Bush-supporting President, and vote for a new President who opted to pull their troops out of Iraq. Some may have seen that as the terrorists winning. What those people failed to see is that is was the people who never wanted to see their troops go into an unjust war winning. If we hadn't been in Iraq, had we not created a breeding ground for terrorism there, and actually focused on Afghanistan and Al Quaeda, perhaps the Madrid bombing would not have happened. We cannot be sure, but one can't help but wonder.

IN THE MEANTIME...for those of us in major cities who look at the occasional pot-holed street and the endless construction (can I say Big Dig anyone?) we understand that the infrastructure needs some work, but it appears the Government didn't quite know how much 'til this week, when it was announced that, according to a new study, we need to shell out 1.6 TRILLION (that's right, not just billion, but TRILLION) DOLLARS for infrastructure as apparently our roads and bridges are crumbling (not good for Homeland Security folks... and this make some people wanna skip the five-borough bike tour here this year cause well, we'd rather not get eaten by the BQE on the way; or have issues on the Verrazano-Narrows bridge..not good...long drop...cold water...)
Apparently, though, this may be the one topic to UNITE Congress...

And to continue in the "Things George Doesn't Want To Hear" category, According to an in depth intelligence study, apparently Iran does NOT quite have the weapons program George and friends have been rallying against. Hmmm..sound familiar? *George'll find a reason to go in...give him time...*

Hence today it was seen in the NY Times that he may give into offering Iran incentives with the Europeans if they stop enriching uranium.

And I'm sure George's people didn't want to hear about this guy. A "senior military advisor" has come out to say that "high-level American officials failed to establish clear procedures for interrogating prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan, but said it was not his job to hold anyone responsible." *cough-rumsfeld-cough*

AND while George and friends have been picking up every potentially Arab-looking person they can find, they've been ignoring the popularity of hate groups right here in the US..hate groups who have, thanks to the governmental racial profiling, gained new ground while being ignored by Homeland Security...*"that Oklahoma bombing was a fluke!"*

CALL YOUR CONGRESSPEOPLE!!!!!! This bankruptcy bill is outrageous! Kennedy tried to raise the minimum wage: it got knocked down. Schumer is trying to keep violent protesters-ALL violent protesters-from hiding behind bankruptcy: that got knocked down. The Dems are trying to keep this bill from passing as it is merely a victory for credit card companies and big business as there are people who just get crippled by debt by medical bills or other Act-of-God tragedy who certainly will not benefit from this bill.

And speaking about bills that shouldn't go through, apparently, the Social Security Bill is on the rocks despite the 60 day-60 city medicine show tour Bush and friends are on, as there is "such formidable opposition in the Senate that its supporters may be unable to bring it to a vote, according to a Washington Post survey of senators." you might want to call, write, e-mail, fax you Senators juuust in case so they keep that up.

AND yet another thing to call your Congressfolk about is the Prevention First Act supported by Senator Harry Reid. Basically, for anyone who who opposes a woman's right to choose, this is a decent compromise as it will provide better accces for women to birth control, thereby keeping down the number unwanted pregnancies and potential abortions. BUT Bill First, of course, doesn't even want to support THIS. E-mail your Congressfolk about supporting this bill and at TRY to convince Bill Frist that this indeed is a good idea.

And speaking of supporting your Senators and Reps, the House Ethics Committee is apparently in "gridlock" over Tom DeLay, cause of course, it's split down party lines. The Dems won't organize the committee until the GOPers repeal rules they set up last year, making it more difficult to initiate an investigation into a Senator's (Tom DeLay), potentially flawed (Tom Delay) behaviour, say with issues dealing with fundraising (Tom DeLay) and travel (Tom DeLay), etc (Tom DeLay).

In the "What the hell are they THINKING?" catergory, one has to ask how Karen Hughes who has twice returned to Texas-TWICE-after dealing with the Bush administration is ready to return to the White House to help with the new agenda. *I just keep having this image of Karl Rove as William Stryker in X-Men 2, bending Karen Hughes over and dropping some mind control agent on the back of her neck*

So before that happens to you, KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!! And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex :)

Tuesday, March 08, 2005 relation to Michael..

So John Bolton has been nominated to be UN Ambassador. He's a weapons expert and diplomat who's main claim to fame is saying that "If the U.N. secretary building in New York lost 10 stories, it wouldn't make a bit of difference." He's not a fan, but he's our man over there. And he looks like he has a big milk moustache.


The non-partisan General Accounting Office has been real busy of late, and frankly I'm wondering when Bush-or at least his people-will be shutting that place down as they have been conducting various studies and none of the results have turned out in favor of George's plans, for instance:

While the EPA is looking to make "stiffer" regulations on lead in water, it turns out that the EPA distorted mercury findings "making it apear that the Bush Administration's market-based apparoach was superior to a competing scheme supported by environmentalists". *this is the same group that said that the air was FINE at Ground Zero...and it's not*

AND the GAO also found out that due to flaws in gun laws (how many loopholes must there BE?), it has been found that terrorists who are listed on watch lists here, have been buying guns..without a problem. Please tell me someone hand-delivered a copy of this report to Wayne LaPierre.

And to continue in the ass-backwards category, our new Attorney General Gonzalez is out defending the practice of "extraordinary rendition" which is, if a detainee is not cooperating, the CIA or whoever is holding said detainee, can ship the detainee to another country for "harsher interrogation, trial or imprisonment". It sounds a bit like outsourcing torture, and according to Gonzales, the threat of it has been a "powerful tool" during interrogations...but how many detainees really warrant such a threat?

And last but not least, the last of this category I would like to call "things you ought to mention to your Congresspeople...", there are some Dems who are a feeling a little squeamish about holding their ground on Social Security. James Carville asks "Why haven't the conservative Republicans crashed and burned yet?". Apparently the main problem is that problem the Democrats have in general against George: George looks like he stands for something while the Dems look "weak" on message. Personally, I find standing up for Social Security hardly as weak and it must be done. But yes the argument must be, as George Lakoff would say, reframed for the people who still think this is a good idea...*but the approval numbers have been dwindling, so they must be doing something just needs to be kept KEEP E-MAILING them and let them now you're paying attention!!!*

The blog will be more irregular fpr the time being as it is that time of year for actors in New York City-"AUDITION MADNESS!" Yep, for the first four months of the year, we lose track of time and space while trying to keep working or heck just get work. And we are as bad as postal workers as come, sleet, rain, snow or hurricane, you're bound to see a line outside one of the main audition buildings starting around 6:30a (if not earlier) somewhere around the city at this time. Personally, I haven't been to that many thus far, but I have been busy for what feels like the first time in years and am hoping to stay that way. To sum up-as this blog is officially titled "Shameless Publicity"- I have, since January:

*Directed a one-act play that got to the semi-finals of a festival
*Performed with the New York Choral Society at Avery Fisher Hall as the back-up chorus for the Richard Tucker Gala
*was part of a reading for the continually evolving musical "So Big"
*Performed at Collective Unconscious as part of an event called Media Mix (truly an eclectic evening, man)
*Performed with the Westfair Chamber Singers in Greenwich, CT as part of their Spring concert/benefit. (did my first public aria performance ha!)
*and have raised $700 dollars towards my goal (as well as received info on places and people to visit on the road, some rental car help and also potentially some supply help) for my one-person show project. WOO HOO! (THANK YOU to those who have donated!...and the grant hunt and application process continues... as well as the begging...)
Here's to more work, my friends!

And can I just mention that it was 62 degrees and springlike yesterday and it is now SNOWING?!?! nothin' like an east coast winter...

Peace --Alex

Thursday, March 03, 2005

outta touch and perhaps outta time?

Aw we can hope can't we? Weren't headlines like today's NY Times Headline "New Poll Finds Bush Pritories Out Of Step With Americans" usually the start of the proverbial landslide toward ouster? For Bush, Sr. and Jimmy Carter, it meant single terms, for Nixon it (and Watergate) led to his resignation. *Once again, the ooone main problem with Bush's impeachment is, Dick Cheney...Dennis just gets worse as you go down the line...eeeeeek. is nontheless a promising headline. (And after waiting for HOURS-30 seconds at a time-yesterday for Red Sox opening day tickets and their being sold out [and the other available days only having tix in the ONE section my mother REFUSES to sit in {right field}] it was nice to see something remotely positive :p)

In fact the whole front page of the NY Times could be its own edition of "things George doesn't want to hear. There's the above CBS/Times poll saying that people are "uneasy" about both the President's domestic and foreign policy and increasingly wary of the Social Security plan, Greenspan saying that the present deficits are "Unsustainable", to the latest on Tom DeLay's trial in Texas, the testimony of which focuses today on fundraising (I suspect that juuust perhaps some Bush campaign people may suddenly be keeping real tight tabs on that today).

And speaking of Bush and DeLay, just as Bush, despite the approval for this plan dropping like hot pants at Studio 54 (there's been a disco exhibit at the NYPL), is out for one last push for the privatization for Social Security, DeLay is looking for his roots (and not just under that dyed head of hair) back in Texas as his case of crazy apparently doesn't quite work anymore back in his district. He's lookin' to sweeten things with Sugar Land (you know I HAD to do it!)

IN THE MEANTIME...another reason Bush might want to try to sweeten things with the nation is that it was announced today that the number of soldiers killed in Iraq has passed 1,500. And this is all while Bush is also saying that getting Osama is his "greatest challenge". well if ya had focused on getting him in the first place rather than jumping into Iraq...but that's just me...and okay, the thousands of people who don't think you have an exit plan or that we should have gone into Iraq in the first place...but who are we to say anything?

And he really should have tried with Hunter S. Thompson. Gonzo may be gone, but his regales and remarks live on such as this one stolen from wonkette this morning (which also has a fantastic photo of George captioned "Hey, look who's French now!"):

[George W. Bush] knew who I was, at that time, because I had a reputation as a writer. I knew he was part of the Bush dynasty. But he was nothing, he offered nothing, and he promised nothing.

He had no humor. He was insignificant in every way and consequently I didn't pay much attention to him.

But when he passed out in my bathtub, then I noticed him. I'd been in another room, talking to the bright people. I had to have him taken away.

Apparently, this is from when Thompson met Bush at a Superbowl party in '74 (he was still drinkin' back then). The tapes recorded by a friend a few years back saying that he'd never discuss whether or not he'd smoked weed (though Wyclef Jean would thim him "cooler") were one thing, this is outright testimony that yes, he not only drunk heavily, but passed out in a man's bathtub. (bet the Bush people are looking to scrub this story from the internet superhighway..."Would you want your kids to say 'Hey Daddy, you [passed out drunk in a tub, why can't I?]' why do I have a feeling he's already had that conversation with Jenna and Barbara...anyhooo)

and George might want to have a little pep talk with Porter Goss as Goss suddenly has realized that running the CIA is "overwhelming".

he also might want to have a little heart to heart with Paul Wolfowitz who, according to Yahoo News this morning, is no longer in the running for the Wolrd Bank job. I think the best remark had to come from the present head who said not only did the job require a person who cared about the poor and human rights and wasn't "just a good manager", but Mr. Wolfensohn also remarked that he'd put in his son's name and that perhaps there was a mix-up...ooooh poor paaaaaul...

And to lighten things up, here is something I wish they had broadcast HERE live, but of course, I am in New York, and they would not want to appease the Red Sox fans who live here by broadcasting the WORLD CHAMPION Red Sox visiting the White House. Mind you, I can't take Bush talking for more than a couple of minutes, but, there was apparently a moment used for much fodder on Stephanie Miller this morning. Bush noticed that Senator (and big time Sox fan) Kerry was there and remarked how it was ``Good to see you. I like to see Sen. Kerry - except when we're fixin' to debate. {he he he}". Of course, Ms. Miller played this soundbite and later interspersed your favorite debate moments, such as "uh...", through her broadcast. While it is sad to know that Bush now owns a Bush 43 Jersey (Dick Cheney owns a Cheney 2) now-as that really should have been Kerry's moment, I must say that my boys clean up nice :) (and now, time to check score on pre-season game against Cleveland)

Okay, I will give Bush this. He awarded the Congressional Gold Medal to Jackie Robinson posthumously's something Kerry's been pushing for for years and it finally got done.

So while you think about how the Sox might clean up THIS season, KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-mail, fax, call, write your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on.

Peace --Alex

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

morning: thirty seconds at a time...

okay, the only reason I am late with the entry today is because I have been sitting in a "virtual holding room" at Red trying in vain to get opening day tickets. The refresh the page to let you know your fate every thirty seconds and as nearly an hour has passed since they opened up this page, I have a feeling my mom and I will NOT be seeing the Sox get the their rings...and then play the Yankees. Even if she's in left field and I'm in the bleechers (of course they only have scattered singles and obstructed view right now), but then again, what else are cell phones for?

Otherwise, in the news today, not only is Bush pushing his faith- based initiatives, BUT the Supreme Court gets to decide whether or not the Ten Commandments can be put outside or in a court building. Now I consider myself a Christian woman but I know that there is 1) a reason for separation of church and state 2) a whole lot of people of OTHER FAITHS come through judicial buildings and 3) these conservative fanatics are making the rest of look horrendously bad. And of course, already, Anotonin Scalia is saying "I don't see why one is good and the other is bad"...

(waiting thirty seconds)

And here's a great one for the "things george doesn't want to hear" category, Bill Frist, of all people, has said that due to the present conflicts, the Social Security vote may be delayed a year and may not include the private accounts.

(and another 30 seconds go by...)

With Rehnquist retiring, George is handing in his list of nominees, many of whom are the same as last year. And it's going to be ugly. At least at, you can sign a petition asking your Congressfolk to rethink those nominations and not allow these people to be reconsidered.

(dammit how many people ARE ahead of me?)

Yesterday, I mentioned how Rummy is getting sued by Human Rights groups who say the buck does not just stop with the soldiers following orders...and apparently they have proof that he knew the abuse was going on. I say more power to these people.

(did I miss my turn?)

And for all the people who say the insurgency is weakening...well a judge and lawyer who were part of the Hussein tribunal were assassinated yesterday. And I don't think I have to mention the continuing violence over there...

And speaking of the violence over gotta love how towns in Vermont are having town meetings over whether to bring troops home. Rock on Dummerston (and other towns as well). Now before you say anything about those liberal Vermonters, this is not just some ploy, this is a state full of small towns who's populations have many reservists over in Iraq, and as they see their children, spouses, parents, etc left there longer and longer in harms way with no proper explanation they want to be able to have the choice to explore other options: like bringing these men and women home. And I wouldn't doubt that this is happening in other states...or will.

(I'm just trying to get these tickets for my mom! ...okay and for me as well)

And speaking further on of the architects of this whole debacle, Paul Wolfowitz, is up for the job of -gasp- the World Bank. Thankfully Carelton Fiorina is also up for this job-not sure how much better she would be but anyone over Wolfowitz really. I just want to know who set up the open bar, coke table and hookers at the World Bank to convince them that that Wolfowitz is the one of the only people right for that job? *you should go to wonkette to see her response in yesterday's entry*

IN THE MEANTIME...for your chuckle of the day..."Bubba" the lobster-a 22 pounder caught off Nantucket and shipped to Pittsburgh-is getting a reprieve from being made into one heck of a lobster dinner. he is being sent to a museum instead as he may be about 100 years old...and is juct frickin' huge...(how many people made a connection between Bubba the lobster and Clinton?)

All right, back to the virtual waiting room I go, but you, you KEEP E-mailing!! E-mail, call write, fax, your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!! Like when you go to True Majority and set up your own "cookie budget" and show them what the budget SHOULD look like. And always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Osama and Al...

*to the tune of "O Venus"* Osaaaama...Osaaaama! hear me if you will/ I know you're out there/ running in the hills/ and branching out/ asking Zarqawi to help youuu/ blow up the US/ Osaaaaama! Osaaaama!

Yes, Osama, who, at least according to a quote on the Today Show this morning, shows no signs of worry that he'll be caught, had one of his messages intercepted. He's apparently been talking to Al Zarqawi about attacking US interests "outside Iraq". As usual, there are no specifics, but ain't it nice to know that Zarqawi's movin' up in the world?

*meanwhile Saddam sits in a prison muttering to himself...*

and speaking of detainees...Bush and friends have been told that Jose Padilla, who has been detained for over 2 years without being charged, must be released or charged formally. He's been held as an enemy combatant all this time as it suspected he was planning to build a dirty bomb...but as there's not enough evidence to prove all this, they've just held him for talking trash. Of course, the government is appealing, cause if this guy gets released, well, they'd just have to release everybody else now wouldn't they. *and John Ashcroft would just be left crying somewhere*


A human rights group is suing Donald Rumsfeld over the torture and humiliation of 8 detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan. It ain't just a few guys "following orders, it's the guys who okayed or created those orders, Don. *admittedly, part is wondering if Bush's people are looking to see whether this falls into the class-action suit ban they just set up, cause you know there'll be more...*

Condi says NO, Canadaaaa, cancelling an April meeting with them after they said "No frickin' way!" to joining the missile defense sheild. So no meetint with the high-heeled boots (and riding crop) of Condoleeza...not unless Paul asks her nicely (*whip crack*)

AND apparently the approval rating for the Social Security privatization plan is %35 and slipping. Guess all those educational trips have been backfiring as it appears the more people learn about it, they don't like it. Paul Krugman in the New York Times feels that you should "Just Say No". You might want to tell your Congressfolk that, too, don't ya think?

and just cause we all could use a chuckle...Kevin Millar, the guy on the Sox who coined the phrase "Cowboy Up" is in talks to be taken care of by the Fab Five on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy. I don't think they realize how much work has to be done, man...

So while you think about how Carson Kressley will deal with Millar's admitted "red neck" fashion sense, KEEP E-MAILING!! e-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! and as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex