Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trying to get back in the saddle...

I have to say that most days I feel like Jack Murtha, who thinks we can't do anything about the war until Bush is out of office. And we get a new Senate with either enough Dems to veto or some Republicans with spine.

It really does feel like we're hitting our head against a wall as Bush is stubborn...and delusional...and...can we just hit head against a wall?

If I didn't have respect for him as a player I'd almost call Bush "Manny". Manny Ramirez (right fielder for the Red Sox for those who do not know), does live in his own world. When he is on, he's on fire. When he's not, it's ugly, sloppy baseball. Either way, Manny smiles and goofs through it all, never really getting upset-or even excited- about how he's playing. He'll have an "injury" when he's not in the mood to play...and when he's not in the mood to play he is NOT IN THE MOOD. He'll ask to be traded, and then when the Sox agree, he suddenly wants to stay in Boston (to the point that he gets first refusal on offers and he has yet to see one that he's liked...and heck nobody wants his contract anyway) It's the stuff that conjures the popular phrase: "It's just Manny being Manny."

As George talks about continuing the war, baits Iran, causes a vote in Congress to condemn an AD, doesn't do anything about Osama bin Laden, claims our economy is fine and progress really is being made in Iraq...among other things...I just think "It's just George being George" and all we can do is wait until he is out of office. At least his contract is up soon...

I also figure I'm getting worn down by the politics when I turn down a chance to see a Barack Obama benefit last night. It was a Broadway event with great performers, most likely plenty of stars, and then an appearance by the senator. I then learned that the ticket was in the balcony, the performance was a half hour and then Obama would speak. As this was a benefit, where everybody was there to support him anyway, I just felt that this was not the venue in which I wanted to hear him speak. Everybody cheering madly anyway and no question and answer. It also just made me think of how this race still has a ways to go. With it starting so early, it feels like the candidates have their World Series game faces on, but we're not even in the playoffs yet. I feel like I'm done already...like I need a nap from all this and it's matching punditry.

Speaking of naps, Bill Clinton was on the Daily Show the other night plugging his most recent book Giving. He also talked about campaigning. he made an interesting point. One that made him chuckle as he knows how silly it kinda sounds, but at the same time, it's a valid point. Congressfolk used to go to Washington for 7 months. They would get to know their colleagues, talk things out, have time to really take care of business. They would go home for the other 5 months and check up on their districts and state, campaign, fundraise, and then head back to DC. Nowadays, they have to head home up to 4 nights a week to hit a fundraiser, they campaign year round, and are essentially exhausted so if a Congress person is a little crankier, edgier and more irritable than usual, they may just need to sleep for a couple of weeks and then return refreshed. I would like the same thing right now. We get about two weeks (months?) away from the candidates an then come back to presidential campaign thinking refreshed and ready to choose the leader of the free world.

IN THE MEANTIME...I gave my notice at the day job yesterday (woohoo!) will start a new one soon that is more flexible and will actually have time to focus on my writing, singing and perhaps even my BLOG!

and KEEP EMAILING! CALLING! WRITING! FAXING! VISTING! NAGGING your Congressfolk, your news outlets and your friend and family and let them know while even you may be run down, you are STILL PAYING ATTENTION!!!

Peace --Alex

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why is this not news?

Or at least not enough news to for anyway to actually see as a real story. You barely heard about it yesterday and today I had to dig for it in the New York Times, The Washington Post, and couldn't even find it on CNN.com.

Is it just because it does not - supposedly - effect us? at least not directly. But you know, it does. If YOU get suspected of terrorism and are detained, you will not have the right of Habeas Corpus. It is just ridiculous and sadly has been sustained by our Congress as of yesterday.