Friday, February 16, 2007

Bush I's head explodes...

Or at least I fear it will soon. Earlier in the week, W. said that his father is very upset about the news coverage he's been getting and he just told his dad to just stop watching the news.

My first thought was, "Um, George, your dad's not upset about that so much as he's most likely crying about how if Jeb were in office, we might not be where we are today...'why did the DUMB son get into office...what did I do to deserve this?'"

And who else is picturing George in the Oval pounding his fists on the table going "I-want-to-go-into-IRAN!!! Why-won't-anybody-listen-to-me?!?!" The tantrums he must be having over Congress fighting him on his escalation, let alone being suspicious of the intelligence on Iran (go figure!)...Again I can't help but picture him sitting on the floor cross-legged with his hands over his ears shouting "LA!LA!LA!LA!LA!LA! I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"

Particularly, as he is talking about putting more of a force in Afghanistan. I don't where he thinks we're gonna get the soldiers, but I just love that ONLY NOW has he come to realize that YES the Taliban has regrouped and is out to retake the country...but of course this has nothing to do with the fact that we sent soldiers away from Afghanistan to go fight in a country that we didn't need to fight in...

it just make my head hurt, man...just makes my head hurt...

hence I am just going to email and call my Congressfolk, remind them to vote against the escalation and consentrate on the fact that pitchers and catchers started in Florida today and despite the bracing winds outside, a sure sign of Spring has begun.

Peace --Alex

Friday, February 09, 2007

Does this sound familiar to you?

Why is it that while the Dems have the power play, the Republicans are still giving them hell? Or should I say, that they are kicking up the hell a notch because they have lost the power...?

The people have spoken...they want out of Iraq. But of course, rather than do that, the Senate GOP is going to ignore the people and filibuster even a NON-BINDING resolution which does not much more than scold the president for considering a troop surge.

1) The Bush supporters just need to shut up. Its getting childish, ricidulous and there are LIVES AT STAKE.

2) The Dems have to come up with a BINDING resolution to either force the president to follow the guidelines brought up by the Iraq Study Group OR come up with a plan they all can agree on...besides telling the president that they support the troops and that the troop escalation is a bad idea. We know this.

Having recently seen some of the John Adams collection in Boston, it makes me think of how looooong things took back then. Part of it had to do with the lack of computers, cellphones and blackberrys, but then there were the many debates and disagreements...and meanwhile, soldiers were dying and left with not much more than gumption to fight the British.

I understand that politics can be a long and drawn-out process, but in this case, particularly as this war should not have been begun in the first place, is merely getting worse not better, and is not in the best interest of our nation, don't ya think they could move a little more quickly and get our soldiers home?

One would like to think this...but then again, one has to remember that Congress is working with a Commander in Chief who many believe is suffering fr0m various forms of Narcissistic psycopathic disorders. It appears that they are just treading lightly to avoid a veto or something..

Or they could just do what the White House does: work around the law.

AGAIN we have yet another report that the Pentagon fabricated evidence in order to connect Saddam Hussein to 9/11 in order to bring Iraq into the war on terror. AND then there was a report about damaged Coast Guard cutters that was altered when sent to Homeland Security to make it look like all was well with these ships.

And...the budget. Bush is looking to basically kill every social program with cuts, to the point of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson saying that Congress should be allowed to add to spending for children's healthcare, as if even he figured the president couldn't possibly have meant to cut things that much.

And speaking of money...Paul Bremer was on the hot seat trying to explain where 363 TONS of money equaling $12 BILLION dollars just "disappeared" to. Soliders had faulty or no body armor, but that money didn't make it to them, that's for sure.

WHY people are not out in the streets raging mad, parading and knocking on the doors of their Congressfolk, I do not know. Myself? I know I have just been worn down, constantly feeling that nothing can be done with this president-and his staff=who will not allow change...but you know, the Dems did get Congress back and they have some serious candidates for '08 already raising funds and hitting the caucus states, but still it feels like nothing is being done.


Peace --Alex