Wednesday, March 13, 2013

(This was originally written on election day...) There's always a conversation... While no one has yet to come up to me and say "You tell his mother..." (I'm so WAITING for that!), I have gotten a few remarks. The latest today came at the polling station. My district is primarily Latino and black, so when I walk in with my large pink baby in a stroller, it draws a bit of attention. I like to think that they are initially stunned by how adorable he is... but then they do look at me, and it goes from how cute my son is to, "how the hell did THIS happen?" "He looks like his father, right?" I tell them how he actually is the near spitting image of my Danish grandmother...and it begins. It starts with the 'REally?" and then continues into their family history. Today, it was the lady who mentioned how her sister is the only one in the family with red hair and freckles... There is always somethin'... Peace --Alex


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