Monday, August 27, 2007

and by the way...

anyone notice the Yanks are losing right now...hope it stays that way...

I admit it...I am happy girl...

just would like to keep and increase the cushion the Sox have over the Yanks...

the hype, though, that is happening (see USAToday Thursday 8/23) is something I'm not sure I know how to handle. Sox fans know pain and are suspicious of joy.

I will try to run with the joy anyway.


so who's next?

of course I would like it to be Cheney and then Bush to have to stand out front of Air Force One holding arms up awkwardly as he leaves. But in the meantime...



*doin' my happy dance*

I just don't think Chertoff can rewrite the Constitution like Gonzalez...poor George...

it's gotta be an interesting time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue...

Peace --Alex

a friend made a reference about how, after he heard that George was having a press conference today, he might try to connect Iraq with the war of 1812. And then he said "You could work...we had a beef with Britain so we attacked Canada..."

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Move On says... is sending around a petition that you can sign which is essentially a message yelling at your Congressfolk for giving into the president's eavesdropping law.

I figure you also just might wanna call your Congressfolk, email them, mail them a letter, fax them, anything to let them know that you are paying attention and cannot BELIEVE they fell for the "if you don't do this, you're soft on terror," ploy to get votes.

It's as if he's some teenage boy goin' to a scared girl "If you don't, you don't really love me..."


Feel free to use that phrasing when you talk to your Congressfolk.

Peace --Alex

Monday, August 06, 2007

Because he's made himself king...

As I read the story about how Bush signed into law the widening of the legality for wiretapping, all I could think of was...Dolores Umbridge.

Any of you see the latest Harry Potter movie...or at least read the 5th book? Dolores Umbridge works for the Ministry of Magic and is a staunch supporter of the Minister ("if you insult me, you insult the Minister!" type person). She seems all fluffy and nice, with her pink suits and kitten plates, but she is harsh and cruel and if she doesn't like something, she just goes to the minister and she gets to change it. She is sent to Hogwarts as a teacher and ministry representative, but soon ends up taking over the place and putting up decrees about everything from the dress code to how no groups of three or more can assemble. She invites students to join her "inquisitorial squad" and they have free reign to snoop and spy on other students.

Bush just got his the stamp on broadening his inquisitorial squad.

Executive priviledge suddenly applies to every one of his staffers - including 29 year old aides. No one is allowed to testify in the Alberto Gonzales case (a situation where, wouldn't it look better, if you truly had nothing to hide, you LET everybody talk?). And with the wiretapping law, no one wants to look "soft on terror" so it passes.

There are so many reasons and plenty of evidence to impeach both Bush AND Cheney...I just think Nancy Pelosi is afraid to be president and she is next in line...