Thursday, December 07, 2006

"LA! LA! LA! LA!.." Part deux

of course, at the same time he and Tony Blair (according to NPR) say that they are out to "change course" in Iraq, admitting that the present strategy is not working as well as it should, George also said that he will not base his plans on just ONE report. He is awaiting three reports from defense groups (aka the Pentagon) before he does anything. Which means, it will be weeks before he actually does ANYTHING, and the Iraqi government could collapse by then...while he's waiting for someone to tell him something he wants to hear.

And let's just applaud the New York Post. They have been lagging behind in the race behind the New York Daily News when it comes to utterly tactless and outrageous front pages, but today, they have a winner. For those of you who do not have the flash player required, the front page has a photo of two chimps who have the faces of Baker and Hamilton and is titled in traditional large white block print: SURRENDER MONKEYS. We haven't had anything quite this sophmoric since the "weasel" photo.

Peace --Alex

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Who else is picturing George doing that as he continues hearing not only from the Baker-Hamilton committee but his own choice for the head of Department of Defense saying during yesterday's questioning about Iraq: "We're not winning..."

The big question for the last several days has been "Will the president listen?" I figure, personally that he will listen like he pays attention to laws to which he's added those signing statements. It has been said again and again by former staff and even present staff that he does not like to hear the negative...and to have it hammered down on him right now cannot be pleasant. (did I just see someone turn up his cocaine IV?)

I think Condi's gonna need to give him a hug...

In the meantime, I am going to eat as many french fries as I can before the trans fat ban takes place here in NYC...I understand the need to keep us healthy and prevent heart attacks, and don't mind too much, but dude, sometimes...those trans fats just taste good.

Peace --Alex