Tuesday, April 20, 2010

'Ladies, you have even more power than you thought!"

so posted my friend Brad on Facebook when he linked to this article from the BBC.
Apparently, a Muslim cleric has decided to take a page out of Pat Robert's book-you know the one that includes blaming gays and feminists for 9/11 and such-and is blaming "promiscuous women" for the latest earthquakes in Iran-both political and natural.
And, of course, "promiscuous" can mean merely wearing fitted clothing and having some hair show from under your head scarf. Basically, we are left to understand-again-that men are ferociously weak and women are terrible temptresses...even when wearing a headscarf and robes. GUYS CAN'T TAKE IT! And therefore, because guys are weak, God gets upset and causes earthquakes...oh wait, it's not because men are weak, it's because women are evil, I forgot that part.

When I hear extremist talk like this, one of my first thoughts is, do these clerics/ministers/priests realize what they are saying? Do they not realize that this makes the GUYS look bad, not so much the women? Do they not realize that in a backwards way they are actually proving the theory of many a religious scholar that says because women were so prominent in the pagan era-as goddesses, soothsayers, wise women etc-men were led to "create" patriarchal faiths? I'm guessing that's a no.

I'm also guessing Pat Roberts, when he heard about this article was having a tough time with it as in he was caught in a quandary: do I call this guy and say "Right on, brother!" or am I confused because I agree with a Muslim?


Peace --Alex

P.S. As for my own quandary...why is it that if Catholics pray to the Virgin Mary, and Mary was impregnated by God him/herself, no help from man, the angel spoke directly to Mary Magdalene when Christ had risen (because the women were the ones who actually went to check on the body to clean it), AND women can become saints {having been given the divine power to perform miracles), women can't be priests? Yes, this still boggles my mind...