Friday, July 24, 2009

Skip Gates and my wacky work hustle

Here's my take on the whole Skip Gates (yeah, I call him Skip, he and I go way back...sure we do...) Hoo Ha after reading the articles and agreeing with my mother that racial profiling most likely occurred...

I gotta say a) that neighbor lady, who has not responded to calls from the press, has got to feel like ass right now; b) Gates and his driver are black men dealing with police men - this sadly, even today, still rarely starts or ends well and c) I would like to believe that after a long international flight, dealing with the airport, time change and potential further travel (even if it is just to my summer home on the Vineyard), coming home to a damaged door so I gotta fight to get into my own house, and then after getting into my home, suddenly seeing police INSIDE MY HOUSE asking me for ID and whether or not I live there AND them telling me they got a call about a break-in, that I might be more reasonable and calm and not start shouting something like "Dude, get outta my house, you big dumb bigots!":...but I can't guarantee that. Personally, I would like to see the moment when Gates walks over to his neighbor lady's house, knocks on her door, with his cane and says "Hi, I'm your neighbor Skip Gates. I believe there was a misunderstanding the other day..."


The job hustle continues. One job (The Network) had to be phased out, but another - covering a personal assistant friend - came in to replace least for a few weeks. I still sing - and very happily - at Madison Avenue Baptist Church, still work for my friend Shawn (need a financial advisor? anyone? anyone?) and as of August 3rd, I will be working 2 days a week at a financial firm. I may have to hustle, but I've at least got somethin'...AND it's somethin' that allows me to continue with creative endeavors.

The voice is getting stronger (yay!) and I've been singing more at the cabaret show I am associate producing called Big Night Out. While my co-producer calls my work "thankless", I can't be more thankful as I am learning what goes into producing, making great contacts and helping put on a great show. It is a fun and relaxed evening and I am diggin' it.


Big Night Out has it's last open mic of the summer July 30th. Bring your book, test out that new audition song, that new piece your wrote, or have a drink and just listen.

AND THEN...perhaps you'll want to sign up for 1930's IDOL. Yes, in honor of Ms. Dorothy Parker herself, we are having a Jazz Age singing contest. You can sign up and get more details here...

AND IN BETWEEN THE OPEN MIC AND 1930's IDOL is a night that we've been wanting to do forevah! LADIES NIGHT. There are amazing women writing amazing music and it is time to show a few of them off. Amy Shapiro, Crystal Skillman, Bomi Lee and Carla Lynne Hall will be performing their music AUGUST 6th. I am very excited for this evening and do hope you will join us in celebrating the work of these women.


AUGUST 14th, I will be at No Name testing out new material for Single What? Female... I am FINALLY getting back to writing now that the hustle has slowed down a bit. Come on out and cheer a girl on...Actually, cheer the line-up on. It is sick featuring Michele Carlo and Alladin Ullah among others. It really will be an awesome night.


Peace --Alex

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Time to play Catch-Up...

May? It's really been since MAY that I last posted?

Well, we did have a month of rain that messed with my head so that might have been part of it. People in Seattle were laughing at us, I swear as we suffered through a near month of rain in June. And I, of course, somehow thought I was stronger than the weather...oooooh how wrong I was. So wrong.

IN THE only took until July, but we finally are having some actual summer. Today is one of those days, were I still at City Center, I would have again been pushing for the the wireless office. With all the frickin' apps out there for your phone, you'd think someone would have come up with the wireless switchboard for receptionists.

So much political stuff that I cannot believe I took no time to type about...the Republican party essentially having a breakdown with three crazy congressfolk...thank God for The Daily Show for keeping me up to date. The way I have been running around and ignoring my blogging duties, you'd think I had a job. Even now, I am nearly twitching to check SOMETHING ELSE on the computer...something perhaps job/audition related as this almost seems frivolous. Particularly after several chapters of Eden's Outcasts - a revelatory book about Bronson and Louisa May Alcott. Bronson was all about the self-denial, but somehow managed to write in his journal for hours at a stretch. This may not be my journal, but it is worthy of some time.

Particularly as I actually have some work related things to talk about!

August 14th I am tentatively on the bill for No Name again for a fab theme night known as 'Summer Reading". People will read from new work, do storytelling, or heck read what they are reading. I plan on bringing again some fresh summery Single What Female material and see how it goes over...and if I can stick to a strict ten minutes this time.

I also was recently photographed for a visual art piece called 'What Are You Anyway?" created by Samantha Isom. Her pictures are phenomenal and include statements made by the subject (there was a questionnaire to fill out). Ms. Isom is putting together a show featuring bi-racial artists. I do hope to be performing opening night of the exhibit as well as putting in a visual art piece myself.

Things is getting exciting again :)