Thursday, November 30, 2006

and you thought what?

So George is out in Jordan, ready to talk to al Maliki, when the NY Times publishes a White House memo about how they don't think that he is the guy to be heading Iraq right now.

So al Maliki cancels the meeting.

Obviously some phone calls were made, gifts and snack baskets dropped off and assurances acquired 'cause suddenly that meeting was back on and George was left looking testy and defensive again at the post-meeting press conference. He's saying that of course al Maliki is their guy and that of course "we want to help him!". There's also that whole thing about "staying until the job is finished..." That line made me think of how, while in Vietnam, George actually suggested that the US should have stayed and "finished the job" over there. He really is the most frightening President we have ever had.

Richard Haass-a former White House advisor from W.'s first term- was interviewed on the Today Show this morning and he claimed that the memo was basically the start of "the narrative" of how the White House will start blaming the Iraqis making it easier to pull out and save face. Well, saving face is...can this Administration really save face after this nightmare?

I gotta say, the only way that is remotely possible is if the troops are pulled out now and sincere apologies are made. Ben Stein a couple of weeks back on CBS Sunday Morning, basically wrote out what he felt the President should say on this matter. It was eloquent, succint and will never be used...and Stein has probably been banned from various GOP events because he even thought of it.

Michael Moore also has a few suggestions (thank you Tory for passing this on :))

as I type, John Mayer is singing his motown inpsired song "Waiting on the World to change" on the radio. All I can think of is how the world does not need to change, our country does, and it needs to happen now. There's been a start as the people spoke and Congress has changed, but it needs to press forward and get our soliders out from the jaws of a civil war in a country we did not need to invade.

So what does this mean? KEEP EMAILING!!! Email, call, fax, write your Congressfolk, the press, your friends and family and make sure they all know that you are PAYING ATTENTION and want them to make the changes for which you voted them in!!!

Peace --Alex

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

just say it, George...

I know it's hard, but you gotta say it cause, well, it is what it is george...It's a


Iraq has been devolving into this for the last few months and after the last two months in particular, the violence over there has even convinced the generals and the producers at the Today Show to put a name on it:


You may call it merely sectarian violence spurred on by Al Quaeda (nice touch, george...trying to connect Iraq to 9/11 but Al Quaeda wasn't in Iraq until months after the US got there), but it's ever so much more than that.

Even Thomas Friedman had to say "it's worse than a civil war..." this morning on the Today Show.

It's a mess and we need a plan to get out of there. We can't just walk out, but we can't stay either.

And George says this will just be a "comma" in the history books.

that's one big f'in messy comma, man. and the world will tattoo it on your head.

Peace --Alex

Thursday, November 16, 2006

cause it's all about semantics....

Okay, besides the whole Pelosi, Hoyer, Murtha business, there is one thing that I find appalling:

The USDA apparently wil no longer define people as hungry. They are going to be people in "food insecure homes".


Friday, November 10, 2006

I still...

haven't had any Guiness but I know I'll manage it at some point. We do need to celebrate this.

The consession of George Allen was announced at the benefit for my fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas, to much hooting and hollering.

Speaking of my fiscal sponsorship, just to keep y';all updated on Single What? Female... the grant process begins again and hopefully 2007 will be the year somebody decides to give me the big money. I will be doing the short version Wednesday 11/15 at Cheryl King's Stage Left Studios as well as at Vox Pop 12/16. I am also tested out some new material at my friend Eric Vetter's No Name and a Bag O' Chips (ever growing in popularity) variety show now held Friday nights at Mo Pitkin's here in the city. Another new tack I am taking is, well, after hearing more than once that the show is too "stand-up" for certain festivals, I am starting to submit it to comedy clubs. Cross the fingers, say all the prayers, send out the positive engery and hope for the best that one of these clubs will take it on :)

Or that one of the people that took my 3 minute DVD version last night at the benefit is a millionaire who, after viewing, had enough of a laugh to want to be my patron.

IN THE MEANTIME...Celebrate!!! and then call your Congressfolk and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!

Peace --Alex

Thursday, November 09, 2006


George Allen is expected to concede this afternoon after Republican mucky mucks said "don't even try to do a recount"...particularly as Conrad Burns conceded this morning in Montana.



Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Apparently, Nancy Pelosi said "rummy's gotta go" and two hours later, Rummy resigns.

I spread that around the office here and eventually at 1p, I had a small group of co-workers surrounding my desk to hear George speak on npr.

George is answering questions, but sounding testy, defensive and one can tell is that he is not happy about the results.

Did I mention that the Montana race was called and Tester won?

I would like to think that George Allen will have to concede as he is behind Jim Webb by thoudands more votes than Tester was ahead of his opponent.

we're thinking positively...and it appears to be working...

Peace --Alex


Where's a Guiness when I need one?

It was a tough fight but last night, America voted and confirmed that they wanted a change.

The American people said that they wanted to put an end to our ever ballooning deficit; to get proper health care; to change our foreign policy and stop having all our "allies" hate us; to stop the rubber stamps of the GOP Congress; to actually have some respect for our troops in Iraq and set up an actual exit strategy.

And can I just raise a special shot of Akavit to the people of PA who voted out Rick Santorum?

Dick Cheney said that they would not lose the House or the Senate and said that no matter what happened that they would stay the course. Well, the people pulled the lever and the Bush train has switched tracks.

The Senate is still up for grabs but both Webb and Tester are ahead by 5,000 and 8,000 votes respectively and most likely will hold onto their leads. One can hope.

We have the first woman speaker of the House. Massachusetts has it's first black governor and it's first Democratic governor since Mike Dukakis. New York has it's first Democratic governor in 12 years. So much happened yesterday it's unbelievable. But it's true and it is proof that people other than the pundits and bloggers truly have been sick and tired of the corruption, the lies, the arrogance and the ignorance of this administration and the GOP in general.

There is still work to be done. The Democrats are in, but we still need to let them know that we are PAYING ATTENTION!

But for now, go ahead, break open the champagne, pull out the port, get out the Guiness or have a really nice glass of iced tea.

We did it. And we will do more.

Peace --Alex

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

and it's still happening...

tricks Karl Rove and his ilk used in the last two elections are being used again, such as folks calling democratic voters, particularly those in poor neighborhoods, that the vote is tomorrow rather than today, passing out flyers in black neighborhoods that black leaders are promoting the GOP candidates and of course the usual asking for ID when it is not necessary, and not allowing folks to take pictures of their ballots-as has been recommended in case something, you know, should go WRONG...

Have your ID with ya just in case, have your cameraphone or just your ready, be vigilant, be positive...VOTE!

I have been such a slacker....

I've been so focused on so many other things that I have not posted nearly enough about this election and here it is, November 7th.

First I have to put up this:

alt="Call For Change" width="150" height="200">

There is still time to call people and make sure that they are getting out there and voting. We all know that the change has to happen and today is the day to make sure it does.

And no matter who you vote for, it is just imperitive that you are part of the process.


Already, according to Stephanie Miller's show, it has been reported that electronic machines in Ohio have not been working and people have had to resort (oh no!) PAPER BALLOTS. A woman is Arizona called in and said that she found out that her polling place was 25 miles away from where it should have been. There are GOP volunteers who have called folks in the wee hours saying that they are from Democratic is just out of control, still, but once again, it is a sign of how desperate the Republicans are to hold on to power in Congress...and how they know that they could lose it today with just a few votes.

Make your voice heard. Make your vote count. Get out there today and vote.

You know, as I walked up to my polling area today, I did get a nice little sign of hope. I was listening to Ben Harper on my iPod, and as I crossed the street to get to the building where I now vote, his song "Black Rain" started playing. Now, the title is a little disparaging initially, but then you hear the song:

"Black Rain"

You left them swimming for their lives
Down in new orleans
Can't afford a gallon of gasoline
With your useless degrees and contrary statistics
This government business is straight up sadistic

Now you don't fight for us
But expect us to die for you
You have no sympathy for us
But still i cry for you
Now you may kill the revolutionary
But the revolution you can never bury

Don't speak to us like we work for you
Selling false hope like some new dope we're addicted to
I'm not a desperate man but these are desperate times at hand
This generation is beyond your command

And it won't be long
'til the people flood the streets
To take you down
One and all
A black rain is gonna fall

More like a blue rain, but of course for the GOP, it will indeed be a black day.



Peace --Alex

Monday, November 06, 2006

I got one word for ya...


vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote

and can i say that one more time?


I may come from two of the most liberal states in the nation, but as we can't guarantee anything, I am FINALLY registered in NYC and will be at my poll area tomorrow morning.

I believe the majority of people who read this blog will also be sure to get out there, and know how important this election is, but I figure it can't hurt to throw out that last reminder.

and perhaps these stories would help as well:


and KEEP EMAILING! make sure you remind your friends, your family and everybody you know to VOTE tomorrow!

Peace --Alex

Friday, November 03, 2006

and just cause I gotta...

it's old, but it shows how much I've missed Keith...

It is somehow November 3rd and next week is election day. Do I have to even bother to tell you how important it is to vote that day. I will come to your door myself and drag your sorry ass out if I hear that you have not gone to the polls; just know that much.

Peace --Alex

could ya just...

admit that you had sex and did drugs with a male prostitute, Rev. Haggard?
because saying "well I only got a massage and then threw the drugs away..." well, isn't it kinda like "I didn't inhale"?

Peace --Alex

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Keith Olberman...

I love him. 'nuff said...

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

oh good lord...

You can take John Kerry's remarks three ways:

1) jokes right now...look what happened!

2) Many of those IN the army were pretty much hoping to just get a free or cheaper education, rather than be sent to Iraq.

3) Of course the Republicans are going to twist that statement to their advantage...particularly when it gives George the opportunity to "plenty smart".

One also has to remember that thanks to George's "good education", he stayed out of Vietnam.

While Kerry took his Harvard degree and actually fought.

This is yet again how desperate the GOP has become in the last few days before the election. They needed a distraction to get voters' minds of the fact that October was the deadliest month for the soldiers with 104 deaths (that we know of) since this whole insult to our volunteer fighting force began, and sadly they got it from Kerry, but it's not for long.