Friday, September 17, 2004

Are you ready for some Baseball?!?!

All right, when not trying to shamelessly plug my upcoming cabaret, I am a die-hard Red Sox fan (shut up...I can hear your "I'm sorry"'s from here). And, as of this evening, they are heading back to NYC for a weekend series. I, of course, would prefer a proper humbling of the cocky bastards known as the Yankees, but, it appears that whether they are Boston, or we are here in NYC, the opposing team has to win at least one game. It seems to be karma saying "it's only fair". Though, if a sweep could occur, I would be undoubtedly gleeful.
If you are a Red Sox fan in this city, and have been wondering where to find some "brothers/sisters in arms" with whom to watch a game, head on down to the Riviera Cafe down on West 4th by Christopher St. I heard about it for the first time last year when the Sox fans there flooded the place during the playoffs. I finally went just last week and, oh it just felt so good to be surrounded by fellow Sox fans and a sympathetic bartender. Jim, the bartender is excellent, and the atmosphere is fun and homey. I think the best description, though, came from the Rhode Islander I was seated next to, who said the Riviera is like "an embassy for Boston". It truly is a safe haven for Sox fans to enjoy the game and a beer or two with your compatriots. If you head down, I'll probably see ya there at least once this weekend. Peace --Alex

Thursday, September 16, 2004

So I go away for a few days...

and Hurricane Ivan kicks in down south, Kitty Kelley has the White House telling media outlets to cancel interviews with her and calling her book about the Bush family "trash" (hence it shoots to #1 on's best sellers' list), hotel workers in LA and DC are planning a strike for next week (we left DC just in time), Dan Rather is getting trashed about some possibly forged documents about W.'s National Guard Record (though if you watched 60 Minutes II last night you would have heard from the secretary of the guy who dictated those documents...she thinks the papers are fake "but the information is correct..." She thinks someone saw the originals and made their own copies as they couldn't escape the office with the originals,) AND I find out my musical director can't play my first show on the 23rd. BUT, he and his fabulous director wife have found me a sub: John Di Pinto will be playing on the 23rd and then David "yes I am that good" Libby will be playing on the 27th. It will remain a good show, I swear :)

Lastly, though it was tempting to throw things at the White House while mom and I were in DC, we did not get arrested for so just can't get close enough. The rest of DC was a lovely excursion-it's very nice to wake up in the morning and know that your main goal of the day is to choose which museum you are going to visit. We did see the Korean War memorial (has made me cry each time I've seen it) and the WWII memorial which is just HUGE. It is a darn impressive piece of sculpture. We then visited the Museum of American History where amidst their ENORMOUS collection, you can watch the restoration process of the Star Spangled Banner, see the hat Lincoln wore the night he died, see gowns from all the first ladies from Martha Washington on, George Washington's general's uniform, the portable desk upon which Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, Ted Knight's jacket from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, martini glasses from the show M*A*S*H and the actual Charlie McCarthy. Their latest aquisitions include items from September 11th. When you walk in, the flag hanging where the Star Spangled Banner used to hang is the flag that was draped over the damaged wall of the Pentagon on Sept 12th. It is a powerful thing to see when you first walk in, but it is not the only powerful effect held by that museum. The Smithsonian has gone above and beyond in collecting items for all their museums over the years and allowing them to be seen for free by the general public is truly priceless.
In particular, the opportunity to see the charters of our nation at the National Archives. All I could think of as I looked through the special glass protecting our Constitution was, has George been here? Has the Bush Administration read these documents lately? I think not; at least not properly.
On a lighter note, thanks to the National Museum of Art, I have come to realize that my dream house must have a sculpture garden like those outside the National Museum and the Hirsch Museum in the back. Ahhhhhh...sooo nice. I definitely got my Calder, Picasso, Lichtenstein and Matisse (among others) fix.
Well, if you can't make my shows, I say try to get down to DC and see the collections down there..for FREE...and throw something at the White House if ya can (such as a copy of the Constitution).

Peace --Alex

Saturday, September 04, 2004


I called this site Shameless Publicity for a reason...

September 23rd and 27th I'll be down at Don't Tell Mama (West 46th Street between 8th and 9th NYC) with my cabaret show Following My Voice. You'll be able to to hear everything from Jazz and Soul to Showtunes and Opera. it's a good time and it's a BAHGAIN as they would say in my home state, at $12 (plus a two drink minimum). And if you're a MAC member it's $6! So Come On Down! you can go to for more details and info on making reservations.

In the meantime, i ask the New Yorkers, you notice the difference now that the Republicans are gone?

Friday, September 03, 2004


Halloooo! Alex de Suze here, and until I get an official website I thought what better way to get the word out but a BLOG!

When not playing receptionist by day, I am a walking cliche in New York City- an aspiring singer/actress/writer just tryin' to get a break :) And also just enjoying the beautiful chaos that is New York. As the days go on and the gigs come, you will be sure to see them posted here, as well as random fun facts that I'm likely to share.

In the meantime, PEACE!