Thursday, May 31, 2007

rant or rave?

It's been a long time and I can assure many rants have filled my brain over the weeks as I prepare for a beautiful and GOOD day over what's been going on with the country and Iraq.

Though right now, I got some time and something to say.

I was recently sent this link...

It is a YouTube video called "Remember Me" which is essentially a montage of soldiers with the text "Do you remember me? I am your mother, father, son, daughter..." etc. It later reads "and I need your support. I need to you say you love me..." And it's one of these things that as I watched it made me feel rising anger in two ways.

1) That this was made by a republican heartland person who thinks that anyone against the war is against the troops and is forgetting that they are over there for "our freedom".

2) That this video had to be made at all...

As we hit Memorial Day last weekend, and I watched George lay a wreath...somewhere...I, of course, was left yelling at the television. This president and this war are an insult to the soldiers of our VOLUNTEER armed forces and national guard. The president lied and willfully sent these young - and some old - men and women into a war that did not need to be fought, has made the situation in the country worse, has increased rather than decreased terrorism, has thrown our country into insane debt rather than raise taxes and remind us all that we are indeed in war time - such as in World War II - AND made the rest of the world hate us (all right maybe not HATE us but at least dislike us very strongly).

It makes me physically ill and it should make you ill as well.

Let Congress know how you feel about this and that they have to make a BIG change the next time war funding comes up. They gave the George the green light on this because he had a tantrum. It can't happen again.