Friday, September 29, 2006

Reasons why George has made a new Jack Daniels and cocaine IV:

*He had to admit in a press conference that the training of native policemen in Iraq has not "gone as smoothly" as planned

*wages went up, but spending went down...way down.

*Bob Woodward has a new book out. Just when you thought he'd converted to the dark side, he comes out with State of Denial, where he claims that the Bush White House at best is dysfunctional, at worst positively combative.

*Former PM and employee of the British govt, Jack Straw sadi today at the UN that he "has regrets" about agreeing to send troops into Iraq.

*There's news that Abramoff had around 400 "contacts" with the White House as in phone calls and other such correspondance.

*George trying to cover his ass about claims he used the N-word and the whole "macaca" fiasco, now the cofederates are after him for an apology.

*Congressman Mark Foley (R) FL has just resigned over apparently sending a 16 year old male former page potentially inappropriate emails.

and that's just today's stuff...

okay, yes he can warm himself with the glee of his torture, I mean security bill passing the Senate but I would LIKE to think that WHEN we have a Democratically led Congress in November, that perhaps that can be reversed? something?

Peace --Alex

Slowly but surely I am getting abck tot he blog...there's been a show I've been directing (which has been going well and is a great part of a very very strong evening of short plays :):):)), trying to get all the stuff together for my cabaret show which I'll be doing November 1st and then wedding planning. I think we have a place!!! Woo Hoo!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

it's taken a couple of days...

to calm down...

Sunday September 10th, I turn on the TV and see George and Laura placing a wreath on a reflecting pool down at Ground Zero. I did not expect the visceral reaction I had at watching him do that; feeling as if it were more of an insult rather than a gesture of mourning. All I could think of was "How DARE he be here..."

One is left picturing the footage of him in the second grade classroom as he got the news...and he sat there, looking befuddled and lost and turning ever redder...but remaining in the classroom and not doing anything until the visit was over.

And then he made is Oval Office address, taking a moment to speak to the mourning of a nation five years later to play politics and throw in how Iraq was indeed a threat (despite the fact that a recent CIA report published said that Iraq was more worried about being attacked and had no intention of attacking us).

And again he had to use the phrase "We are safter but not yet safe"...and again I am left to say "DARN TOOTIN! and do ya know WHY?!?!? It's because you and your people have made nearly every nation in the world HATE us, you IGNORANT, ARROGANT BASTARD!" I mean when Tony Blair is essentially being forced to resign due to his connection to Bush and the Iraq, that really is saying something. Or at least it should be, but once can't be sure how much the White House is paying attention. Okay whom am I kidding, they know and they must be a bit cranky: "Tony, Tony, my man, are you cuttin' and runnin'?"

I am glad that the Dems are speaking out against that address, we just need them NOW to come together and come up with an actual exit plan for Iraq, a real direction for the "war on terror" and to just take over the House and Senate...the people are watching, listening and waiting...

SO KEEP EMAILING!!! Email, call, write, fax your friends and family, your Congressfolk and the Press and let them know that you are indeed paying attention and want these folk out in 2006 and in 2008. And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on :)

Peace --Alex

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I think I mentioned...

in a previous entry that if I heard the phrase "We are safer but not yet safe" one more time I would run screaming down 56th Street.

Did ya hear me?

Here I am, all tanned and relaxed and enlightened after Burning Man and I come back to that...

As well as emails everybody should respond to from True Majority, Harry Reid about nagging your Congressfolk to request Rumsfeld's resignation. That man's arrogance has been dangerous and insulting to our VOLUNTEER troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and, as he had previously tried to resign twice before, he might be allowed to do it now. Or as he appears too cocky to leave, we might as well just boot the man.

Act For Change is asking folks to nag ABC to cancel a documentary report about 9/11 they have planned that they claim is objective, but turns out to be as fair and and balanced as Fox News. Click away, my friends, click away...

As for Burning was relaxing and chaotic at the same time and overall just wonderful and inspiring.

Here are a few things I learned while there:


*how many guys are into wearing utilikilts
*how popular fuzzy vests, boots and coats are
*how many fire twirlers there really are in the world (and if I have my way, I will join them)
*how much you end up really wanting to build a doubledecker party bus
*the power of LED lights
*how popular large colored dreds are
*how important the two words "shade structure" really are
*how much you want to avoid Hare Krishnas and their music until you are camped next to them...and they are trying to compete with the club music next door...
*how much you will appreciate a dust free environment (yet, you miss the dust when you get back in the "default world")
*the power of playa dust until you are trying to get it out of your rental car before you return it...and the rental company has a "Burning Man Fee"

*how generous folks really can be with their services, their knowledge, their food, drink and shade
*how gorgeous a dawn, sunset or night on the playa can be
*what an alternate universe the place becomes at night
*how sweet a "solar shower" really can be after a hot morning (and body painting)
*how awesome dancing at the "Belgian Waffle" could be
*how head clearing the experience is
*how sweet and surprising a proposal at The Man can be...

yes, you read right...we're at The Man, the stars above us, the LED lights below and next thing I know the boyfriend was down on one knee with a velvet box...

I AM AN ENGAGED WOMAN!!! HA! Who the hell knew?!?!?!

No date yet, no real plans, but it's gonna happen.


Peace --Alex