Monday, February 28, 2005

Chris Rock talks...

and I missed it...and while apparently Stephanie Miller played the whole bit he did on Bush on the radio, nobody else seems to wanna talk about. Thank God the NY Times at least put THIS much in the paper:

"Mr. Rock also took aim at President Bush, saying that if a Gap employee had squandered a budget surplus, started a war against Banana Republic and then learned that the reason given for going to war did not exist, there would be consequences."

and Reuters had this:

"Can you imagine applying for a job, and while you're applying for that job there's a movie in every theatre in the country that shows how much you suck in that job?" Rock said. "It would be hard to get hired, wouldn't it?"

I want the whole damn transcript, man! I even GOOGLED on Chris Rock and got nothing. On Good Morning America, they utterly teased me as they said something to the effect of "Chris Rock mocks the White House and the White House Repsonds..." Well, in the two seconds I was away from the channel to see what other networks were covering this this morning, they must have had the White House Response cause I missed THAT, too. Guess I'll just have to check the Daily Show tonight...

And as long we're ont he subject (vaguely) of the Oscars, Annette Benning was ROBBED!!! ROBBED I tell you!


I believe I mentioned in my last entry that the AARP is getting slammed 'cause they DARE oppose the President's Social Security plan. Apparently, USA Next has been using this photo as part of the campaign. Apparently, "the REAL agenda" of AARP is against the troops and for gay, where do old people come into this? and, according to Wonkette (which you just have to read, by the way) the couple in the photo are suing US Next for stealing their photo :)

And speaking of Wonkette, another reason to go to her blog is this blip on Ann Coulter:

Apparently there's a minor commotion over Ann Coulter's column last week, which isn't surprising: hello, she's a performance artist who works in the medium of kerfuffle. That's just Annie punching the time clock. Anyway: when her column, defending Jeff Gannon, ran on Universal Press Syndicate last week, a racial identifier got dropped from this sentence:

"Press passes can't be that hard to come by if the White House allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president."
We'd mildly object to this—or to her increasingly deficient logic—but we have a habit of calling Coulter "that old white biddy," so that would make us hypocrites. — C.S.

Is it just me or is Ann Coulter's head about to start spinning and then implode?...she just seems to be getting loopier and angrier each week...

And in the "things Donald Rumsfeld doesn't want to hear" category, the front page of AM New York's headline reads "THEY WON'T GO: as many as 6,000 US military personnel classified as deserters" Looks like those trips to visit the troops haven't been that great for morale after all...

And in the "things George doesn't want to hear" category...there's a Republican Rep who wants to hand in his OWN version of the Social Security bill as he knows that compromise has to happen...

oh and apparently there's been an audit of port security funds an apparently, the main way for terrorists to come and get us is still pretty wide open as the money has been "misspent", "misappropriated" and the homeland security priorities have been "misplaced"...

AND...last entry I mentioned how a pro-life Kansas prosecutor is being allowed to raid women's medical records in order to find out who's performing later-term abortions in his's the latest on THAT...(or at least the opinion of a liberal elite NY paper on it)

Lastly...I have to see what NEW YORk magazine has to say about fomer Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez as he's on their cover in his newly acquired Mets uniform. Yes I have a mild "eek!" about the whole cover, but then again, after dealing with his whining and sketchy record for the past year and a half the Mets can HAVE HIM!

All right, as everybody seems to be leaving early cause of the snow (if you could only hear the WIND blowing around here right now), I am going to check out...

But if you're like me today, stuck at work til the last possible second...KEEP E-MAILING!!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! and always pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Friday, February 25, 2005

a slow news day?...not really...

at first I thought today would be a slow day what with the two top stories of late being the Pope's illness and Condoleeza's politics-as-fashion statement during the Administration European tour. But I think today, I found more articles to tell ya about than... well in a long time.

I would actually like to start with Condi knocking boots-I mean her boots-tall, leather high heeled ones with a matching sleek ensemble that merely needed a riding crop as an accessory...the Washington Post calls this her "Matrix" look...(and yet another reason George digs her.."tell me what to do, Condi...")


George is getting lost in his statements again. When being asked about his going after Iran, he replied-testily I might add-that "Iran's the one getting caught enriching uranium!" etc. Well, yeah..and according to a 1968 treaty they signed, they're allowed to enrich uranium for energy is anybody else...perhaps time to work on that particular treaty as anybody can be "five minutes away from" serious nuclear proliferation. Canada is inluded in that list of folks too close to proliferation for comfort and we know how testy those Canadians can get...this article also contains the fact that the White House has a new ethics lawyer (Lord knows they need one) as Nanette Everson left last Friday "to spend more time with her family" (yeah we all know what that means). The new guy is Richard Painter and while he is apparently hard on corporate fraud, he's okay with Antonin Scalia flying on Air Force 2 and duck hunting with Dick Cheney at the same time ruling on a Haliburton case. Essentially he says that they're allowed to be social, as long as they don't talk about the case...cause you know, they'd never do that...

Speaking of judges...Arlen Specter has his job cut out for him. As head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he claims today that the Senate is "headed for turmoil" unless is can work out judicial nominee differences...and at present, particularly with Rhenquist looking to retire, and 10 other jobs up for grabs from last year, neither side is backing down.

And speaking of folks not backing down...Phill Kline, a Kansas prosecutor and fierce abortion opponent, is out to get the medical records of "scores of women and girls" who had late-term abortions in Kansas which, he states, are illegal in Kansas unless the health of the mother is in severe danger. The main reason he claims he is going after these records is to gain evidence in rape cases. Well, anybody else looking at this "fishing expedition" thinks it looks like he's going after the doctors...particularly as 1) he has declined to answer questions about his investigation and 2) he's been trying to get at these doctors for a loooooong time.

Speaking of people and their sketchy actions...a Mr. Lockhart III, who is a higher-up at the Social Security office, apparently has been taking trips with GOP Congressfolk, professing the greatness of Bush's plan. Okay, 1) Social Security is a neutral organization and shouldn't be seen as "taking sides" (as Sen. Chuck Schumer pointed out), 2) as I previously wrote some time ago, there are many Social Security workers who are vehemently against the Prez's plan and 3) while it may not be the case, doesn't it smell like the White House payola of late?

And speaking of Social Security AND Kansas, somebody out there is starting a "slime campaign" against the AARP because they-gasp!-dare OPPOSE the privatization plan. (did anyone see The Daily Show Tuesday night? brilliant!)

AND..the Anglican Church apparently is asking the US and Canadian reps to leave the Church's governing body temporarily "to avoid a schism" over the U.S. consecration of a gay bishop and Canada's allowing gay marriage. My father was a devout Episcopalian and I am quite sure he would be apalled by such action and is looking for a way to dope slap the decision-maker from the Other Side.

And speaking of people who need a dope slap....Jeff Gannon/James Guckert (porn star/White House Press whore), wants to sue the press (HA!) AND apparently is coming out to reporters letting us all know how easy it is to get White House Press Creds...

I would like to attribute such craziness to the full moon now waning and speaking of such effects:

The Celtics have been bad since '87 really, and in the past three years basketball itself has gone, while not quite to hell, to major pergatory as it tries to find a way to climb out of mediocrity and redeem itself (save for LeBron James who really is amazing and Paul Pierce who is so good so much of the time). Last night was a trade deadline and a whole bunch crazy trades were made including that of trading Gary Payton away and getting Antoine Walker BACK so he can back up Paul Pierce AGAIN. Okay, so can we get a new coach and some MORE people who actually know how to play? They are just getting utterly shamed by the Pats and Sox; something has to change, man.

And speaking of sports and the Sox...The Fleet Center at present remains nameless due to Fleet being bought out by Bank of America. Lately, the formerly-named-Fleet-Center people have been offering up the chance to name the place for a day. Such a contest can always be problematic, and of course, became just that when the winner on Ebay, turned out to be, of course, a Yankee fan. He wants to name the place "The Derek Jeter Center". Okay, he paid $2000+ for it...I just want him to have a front row seat on April 11th when the Sox get their rings presented to Fenway front of the know, who they came back to win 4 in a row from last October, remember that, buddy?

And while you think of the Sox getting their rings KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-mail, write, call, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk. Let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! and as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bush, Putin, and leaving the kids behind

you know, as much as I complain about my day job-you know, how it dare gets in the way of my personal business-I am glad I have one as it was reported by the AP (I think, all I know was that the story was on Yahoo news this morning when I first groggily looked at it) that the jobless rate is "higher than expected". Yeah, this economy rocks!


Yes, Bush apparently has made a pact with Putin. I believe the quote from the CNN article was something to the effect of how they have agreed that "Iran should not have nuclear weapons. North Korea should not have nuclear weapons". Okay, can they then agree that the US and Russia should not have them either? I've always wondered why WE have to have them if nobody else can have them...

Bush also is "considering" incentives for Iran in order to keep them from building up a nuclear program (kinda sounds like his "not ruling out" a tax increase for Social Security), but he won't enter talks "directly" with Europe about this (which of course is what Europe would like). Okay, here's what gets me. We are trying to get North Korea and Iran and other problem areas to enter into talks with us, but we won't enter into talks about Kyoto and incemtive for Iran...why should anybody want to talk with it just me...?

Speaking of the President speaking...I mentioned in my last entry this fabulous book by George Lakoff and how he talks about the linguistics of the conservatives. Well, Fox News obviously got the memo as they have been changing the words of actual quotes of AP reports in order to match the Adminstration lingo...if ever there was proof of Fox being a mouthpiece for the White House...

In the "things George doesn't want to hear" category, besides hearing that Putin has his view of democracy and will let George keep his, a bipartisan group of state legislators-from all 50 states mind you-has released a report on No Child Left Behind declaring the program a "flawed, convoluted and unconstitutional education reform initiative..." And apparently they feel that "under NCLB, the federal government's role has become excessively intrusive in the day to day operations of public education" aren't the conservatives for LESS government in states' issues? Well, it ain't the first time with this White House...and these are the people that don't like Buster the Bunny visiting lesbians...(and can I just thank WGBH for airing the episode of "Sugartime!" when it was supposed to be aired?)

And can we have a little chorus of "Oooo Canada!". According to NPR and Yahoo news (I'd give the link but they update so often it'd be gone by the time I sent this) Canada has declared that they will NOT be part of the missile defense shield. Apparently this move is further straining relations between the US and Canada, but when I read that, I was like "Are you kidding me? More people'll want to move there now!"

All right the phones just keep ringing, but between calls, KEEP E-MAILING!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION! And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

for everytime you've sat there...

and said "What the hell are they thinking? Are people just not paying attention to what's going over there in DC?", there's yet another fabulous book that is an absolute MUST READ. If you have ever wondered how Karl Rove (evil genius) and friends have convinced red staters that what George is doing is good for us, please read George Lakoff's Don't Think Of An Elephant!: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate. I must thank my friend Tory for telling me about this one. It got me through a loooong bus ride to MA this weekend and just floored me...and gave me hope at the same time. If you have NOT read this already, GET IT NOW. it's all about words baby (Hamlet and Eliza Doolittle were right!). Get your linguistic groove on and GET THIS BOOK!

IN THE MEANTIME...speaking of trying to have the right words, what do you say to a heap of nations that hate you as you ask them to help you out in a war that they didn't want? Well, Bush is's his first time using diplomacy.

Sadly, he still can't get over being the bully. Cause he is trying to take over the world, he's now telling Russia-a country he only seems to have recently noticed has been turning back the clock on itself-to "make good on democracy". Guess George got tired of Putin being compared to him...okay, so we got Syria, Iran, North Korea (a little), and now Russia, who's next?

Speaking of Iran...John Stewart had a great line before the election horror about how, when it came to choosing whether to invade Iraq or Iran, "He was just a letter off..." Well, guess who has more influence over Iraq these days?

And speaking of people who create fake news, you have got to go to wonkette and look up the link on James Guckert/John Gannon aka press corps porn star deluxxe. There's a song now...

And speaking of songs, there really should be one inspired by Stephanie Miller's (and others) cries of how, due Social Security and Iraq, THE REPUBLICANS ARE EATING THEIR OWN!! and you know, we can't help but watch...

Have you ever wondered where this wacky social security plan came from? A law school paper. 25 years go, Peter Ferrara was working on his thesis and came up with what he himself called "the craziest idea in the world". Unfortunately, Ed Crane from the Cato institute heard about this paper and decided to fund the guy. While the Cato institute continued the fight for this, Ferrara parted ways with Cato and Crane...I get the feeling he had no idea what giant man-eating plant would grow from the seed he planted with that paper...

And in the "things George wish you wouldn't care about" category, according to this article in the Washington Post his budget is drastically reducing or cutting over 154 programs...cause he can't give a tax to the rich.

And speaking of silly things Bush does...George Lakoff brings up something I forgot about in his order to pay for the War on Terror" when it was first underway, George suggested to Congress using the Social Security "lockbox/surplus". $40 Billion was taken from Social Security in of August 2004 it was over $200 Billion...Officially, there is no crisi with Social Security, but is there perhaps a connection to Bush wanting to KEEP using Social Security as part of his war chest and his need to revise the system? Anybody looking into this that we know of? Perhaps you out to let your local press outlets know about this? Let alone your Congressfolk? hmmmm? How many other people have forgotten about this? thank you for listening to my conspiracy theory of the day...

IN THE MEANTIME...let's turn to something cheery shall we?

If you find yourself in NYC March 5th and want to catch a really cool and eclectic night of poetry, comedy, opera, rock, etc. come on down to Collective Unconscious for the first installment of Media Mix. "Prepare to be tickled in five minute intervals". The show is from 10p-11p and is an absolute BAHGAIN at $5. I will be performing as well as a band called Stickerbook, comic Julie Perkins, two sopranos, a couple of poets and it should just be a darn good time!

but until then, KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends, family, the press and your Congressfolk. LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION!!!! And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Friday, February 18, 2005

So right after George says he would not "rule out" raising taxes on those who make $90,000 or more in order to take care of Social Security, two Republicans essentially say "Them's fightin' words! You can't raise taxes!!" Yep, Tom DeLay and Dennis Hastert (of course) have assured George that they will not allow this to happen. *can you just see George sitting there in his big oval office chair, sulking, hearing "clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you..."...isn't that just he song for DC anyway?*

In the "stating the obvious" category...there is an article in the Times today about this Class Action Suit bill that Bush has signed today-yes, it's yet another highly ridiculous bill disenfranchising anyone who may be trying to have a suit against a big company based on discrimination, environmental isses, etc etc.-and in said article is a photo of business lobbyists, with this in caption: "the business lobby played a strong role in re-electing the President" THINK?!?!

and speaking of business and the Prez, Paul Krugman, verified my suspicions about Alan Greenspan, because, while he may add all these cautions and such, he still essentially just gave the thumbs up to George's Social Security plan. *has anyone checked his bank account to see if there've been any new deposits? you know, like the journalists getting paid off the promote the Bush agenda...*


Yep, once again, we have nearly an entire section devoted to the "Things George Doesn't Want To Hear" category, such as:

Vladimir Putin, fellow cowboy in Moscow, has said, after meeting the Iranian security chief "Iran is not making nuclear we will continue to help them with their nuclear program..."

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been in DC asking for fund help for CA and he's looking to redistrict his state. Now before y'all think back to the Texas debacle arranged by Tom DeLay, apparently, the redistricting would end up more beneficial for the democrats...therefore all the GOPers are twitching (as if his being pro-choice and pro-stem cell research wasn't enough!)

(you gotta thank my friend Fred for passing this one on to me) Richard Perle was at a debate with Howard Dean, and we all know that they have quite different views about the Iraq war. As did the person threw a shoe at Mr. Perle while he was at the podium (yes there's a photo with the blur of said shoe in motion).

And in the "scariest article ever" category...Karl Rove (evil genius) was speaking at GOP PAC meeting yesterday (that included a surprise visit from Dick Cheney!). He was introduced by Wayne LaPierre (president of the National Rifle Association) and his main quote of the day was how conservatism is "the dominant political creed in America"...GAH! If you read the whole article it might be good have a friend with you..."Don't grow tired..." or complacent he says, as we still must take over the WORLD!!!

Yes, if we may actually use the words of Karl Rove (evil genius), "Don't grow tired..." and KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-mail, call, write, fax, your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION!!! And pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cause Rummy was done...

If you're trapped at the office, and you have meeting, wouldn't you like to be able to just get up and walk out saying, "I've got to get lunch..." and that you have some other meeting more important to attend to (say with a burger, Sam Adams and somebody much more attractive at Burger Joint). WOuldn't we all love to do that. Well, apparently George and Laura aren't the only ones getting a little cockier this term. Rumsfeld, who already carries a bag of attitude with him wherever he goes, decided he was done with being questioned about the military budget yesterday (details, schmetails), well before they were out of questions. He just decided that he needed to get lunch and left the Chair of the House Armed Forces Committee, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.), to apologize "to his colleagues for a rather "unusual" situation."

And speaking of that questioning, there are some "key Republicans" who are not happy about Bush's $82 Billion request for Iraq and basically are saying that many of his requests are "Not emergencies" therfore do not need to be there. Apparently, THESE Republicans, don't like be looked at as big spenders...unlike George.

And speaking of people that Rummy may not want to deal with, we actually have an Intelligence Czar now. The most vague job other than Vice President that the Administration can have has now been filled. John Negraponte, who's been the ambassador to Iraq until now, will be the guy who gets all the news first. The only flaw with him thus far is how, when ambassador to Honduras in the 80's, he aided the Contras and apparently didn't know that there were death squads there (so much for keepin' up on intelligence). It also appears that he's the guy who said "yes" after a bunch of other guys said "no way in hell am I taking that job!" (though Chief of Staff Andy Card denies that anyone else was asked...)...and of course I have to add that George, when announcing Negraponte's appointment, he said ""We're going to stop the terrorists before they strike." Um...remember that memo about al Queada looking to fly planes into buildings...?

IN THE the "things George doesn't want to hear" category, Porter Goss even had to say "Oh yeah, the insurgency in Iraq has been using the US Occupation as recruiting tool, you betcha. They LOVE that!"

AND...Congress is looking to loosen up Bush's restrictions on stem cell research. "I firmly believe that embryonic stem cell research is the greatest medical hope of the 21st century," Rep. Michael N. Castle (R-Del.) said at a Capitol Hill news conference. (You know George is looking at his people goin' "but he's supposed to be on MY side! what's he doin' talkin like this?...Is there a way to, you know, take care of him?") And they brought up Reagan too, and we all know George hates that...

AND...George, George, might want to hold off on talking about that gay marriage ban cause the Log Cabin GOPers have hired a big-time lobbyist firm to help push forward their agenda..("here we coooome...a walkin' down your streeet...")

AND...Bush's budget not only cuts education funding, and raises the rates for Veteran prescriptions, he's out to cut millions from a fund that helps build housing in Native American reservations. "Native Americans represent less than 1 percent of the population, yet they make up about 1.6 percent of the armed forces, according to Defense Department statistics." Um, George, I got two things to say: 1) they're fighting for you and 2) they were here might want to drop that cut (or just that whole monstrous budget proposal, but that's just me...)

AND...Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich of the NY Times have two great articles on the whole Jeff Gannon/James Guckert and overall press situation at the White House.

Poor George must just have such a headache today ("Condi? Condi? could you just come over and rub my temples?" - "Mr. President, I have to catch a flight to Lebanon, remember? We're putting the screws to Syria-" - "Oh okay..." - "Can't your wife help you out?" - "No...she's busy. Working on some 'state dinner' or something. I really don't like this..." - "Well, I should be back in the morning, Mr. President, we can have a nice snug-I mean talk, then okay?" - "Okay...")

All right back to the dayjob, but like I do here when the phone's not ringing, KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-mail, call, fax, write, your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk (if it can make Republicans question the budget it might be WORKING) and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION! And, as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

and we're back tracking because...

Okay, I heard about Hillary discussing this first about a week or so ago but to have to see a whole story about how the Democrats are essentially trying to woo voters by getting out the anti-choice Liberals...well I find that sad really. How is it that the Republicans don't seem to care about moving to left to get more Democrats (save for Bush trying to get the black vote by saying that Social Security at present doesn't serve them as well as whites, going to black churches promoting his ban on gay marriage, and of course using his nephew to get the Latino vote)? There is a group-Republicans for Choice, but you certainly don't hear about Republicans trying to get more pro-choice conservatives to run for office (and I have a feeling that they wish those Republicans for Choice would just go away). I understand we need to get more of our people back into Congress and are trying to be more inclusive of our anti-choice brethren, but should we really be looking to promote them just to appease the anti-choice voting block? What people do not seem to consistently forget is that 1) no one LIKES abortion, but should it have be done, a woman should have the choice to have the procedure AND have it done SAFELY 2) once you start adding to the people that could chip away further at Roe V. Wade, you start chipping away at other rights of women. Pharmacists already are allowed in some states to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions if they have moral objections. The Republicans have been pushing a national bill that would force girls to tell their parents-even in the case of rape or incest-that they are pregnant and/or planning an abortion. And, as previously mentioned, insurance doesn't cover birth control, but they do cover-as does Medicare-VIAGRA. Is it just me, or does this seem a bit lopsided? And when you think about it, perhaps we need to just get some candidates in there that support proper sex education in schools as well as proper counseling and family planning options as abortion rates tend to go down where women can make educated decisions (but people don't think of that, now do they?).

IN THE MEANTIME...Let the fearmongering begi-continue. Yep, Porter Goss-a man who follows his boss' heart, firing anybody who doesn't agree with him-says it's just "matter of time" before group linked with al Quaeda come back and attack us. (not saying anything about Iraq becoming a breeding ground for terrorists...because of us...nope I'm not going there...really...I swear...). Thanks for the heads up Mr. Goss.

speaking of fearmongering in a weird way...Alan Greenspan says that the economy is strong (has he SEEN my paycheck?), but social security does indeed need to be changed...and he likes the idea of Bush's a point...but admittedly, when I first read this story this morning, I was like "um...when was that slipped into the script and how much was he paid to push the President's Social Security plan?" I doubt that that is the case, but it is a bit unsettling, no? As the day has gone on his cryptic testimony has been re-evaluated and could be something totally different now so you may want to check your fav web news source to see if he's suddenly said "Actually Bush's plan wouldn't really work... you know, maybe for a week or two and then we would fall into an economic collapse to rival Argentina's a few years back..."

Speaking of The Prez and his know it can't be real good when he feels he's gotta go stump for it in New Hampshire. Apparently, while talking to folks in an airplane hangar, he said he was "not ruling out" raising taxes for those who make $90,000 a year or more to shore up Social Security...yes George talked about RAISING TAXES...You said it, George, you can't take it back!! We all heard it! I know you probably won't do it so you can keep your donors but you said you wouldn't RULE IT OUT (does he even know he said that? that he let that phrase cross his lips?)

Speaking of things crossing your lips, George can say whatever he wants, but anybody else, not so much. When Michael Powell resigned, the GM at my sister's radio station passed out cigars. Well, I hope y'all already smoked 'em cause otherwise you'll just have to put them away thanks to Congress saying that they are out to toughen indecency rules for TV and radio. Look, I'm not a fan of Howard Stern or shock jocks in general, let alone a lot of the garbage you see on I turn it OFF (call me crazy). And you know, it's not my people who have made Desperate Housewives the #1 popular drama (have you seen this guilty pleasure pulp TV?) Last check it was all the desperate housewives in the midwest who, after banning even the talk of sex (filthy!), figured they gotta get it somehow (but that's just me).

AND a Judge ruled today that two reporters-one for the NY Times and one for Time-can be jailed for not revealing their source of stories they never wrote because they thought revealing the name of a covert CIA agent would be dangerous and tactless (unlike Robert Novak). So, for doing nothing, they could go to jail, but Robert Novak who released the name, wrote a story, yet also will not reveal the source of said story, is continuing on there something WRONG here?

Speaking of just WRONG, yet highly amusing...A Conservative Blogger cum White House reporter was left to resign not long ago after he made blantantly subjective statements about Democrats while asking Scott McClellan a question. He also got busted on making anti-gay comments in his stories...but then he got busted on being gay AND on having porn websites including an escort website offering his "services" "hourly, one-night or weekends". There were nude photos to boot. Ah nothing like a conservative nekked picture scandal. See, this is what happens when you keep saying your not gay and have not had porn sites and think NO ONE WILL LOOK THIS UP!

And speaking of Free Speech in all this, Keith Olbermann had a great entry yesterday about it at Bloggerman.

And hence, to keep our speech free, KEEP E_MAILING!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your COngressfolk and make sure they know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! And then pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"Did I say $80 Billion?.."

"I meant $82 Billion for Iraq and Afghanistan...that sounds right doesn't it?"
George, George, know you're not getting this past the Democrats, don't you? I love how apparently, after some needling from Congress, he did apparently give in to a detailed list of how this money would be spent. $75 Billion would go to Iraq (including replacing and fixing damaged or destroyed equipment-do parents who bought body armor and such get a piece of this?-training Iraqi soldiers and having money for the increased death benefit), the rest would go to tsunami relief and other defense stuff. Overall, looks like the war will cost over $300 BILLION dollars. And why am I feeling a little sketchy about George's "details"...he's never been good about disclosing them all might want to e-mail or call your Congressfolk about looking into all those details before giving this the rubber stamp.

And speaking of George taking our money and running with it...the Washington Post yesterday had an article about how with the deficit ballooning along with our budget, whoever takes over in 2008 is going to be stuck with one hell of a financial mess that will be hard to fix due to legislation passed over the last four years. You gotta love all the talk within a month of George's retaking of the office about who will run and potentially take over in 2008. Everybody's like "well, we gotta deal with this doofus now, but who the hell can we get when he gets out? We gotta find somebody NOW..."

IN THE MEANTIME...George ain't the only one who's gotten a little cockier entering their second term. Laura's breaking out! She's fired the White House chef, pastry chef, and social secretary. She also-gasp!-held a PARTY for Valentine's Day and is looking into making her own mark on policy, basically stepping up for at risk youth. And while you'd never know it to look at her husband's record with the environment, she apparently is a proponent of environmental issues-particularly that of foreign flora and fauna invading local habitats (sounds kind of...appropriate no?), but she's not bringing that up at the White House.

Speaking of the environment...apparently as Bush Clean Air Act is just that abominable, it has sparked quite the wave of lobbying against it. I think you ought to send a note to these people and tell them to keep it going! :):):)

and speaking of people giving George a hard time...the Dems, much to his people's chagrin are continuing to stand firm against the Social Security plan. Yee Ha! Again, send them notes and tell them to keep up the fight, man :)

And speaking of people we should give props to: Maya Keyes. Who is Maya Keyes you ask? Maya Keyes is Alan Keyes' (formal Prez candidate and the ONLY guy the Republicans could come up with to go against Barack Obama in Illinois for the Senate race: needles to say he lost) daughter. She is 19 and a lesbian. Not only that she is a lesbian ACTIVIST. Hence, her father has stopped paying her college tuition, kicked her out of the house and should get a whole lot of nasty mail, don't you think?

All right, due to the day job taking over I ahve to stop here, but I'll be back tomorrow and in the meantime will leave you with this fact that may ease the minds of many a lobster eater. According to a study in Norway, lobsters apparently do NOT feel pain once dropped into boiling water. Thank you CNN for giving me the good news (I've TRIED to be a vegetarian...I swear...but then there's really good Maine or Northshore, MA losbter...mmmmmmm).

And while you're straining butter, KEEP E-MAILING! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! ANd, as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm not dead yet...!

Just completely overtired. And I have no one to blame but myself, being the queen of overcommitment. Though, the one-act play I directed for the Riant Theatre's Strawberry One-Act Festival has advanced to the next round so the sleep depravation continues this weekend!

In other happy news, George Bush's approval rating, according to an AP poll has dropped once again. Apparently at the time of his Inauguration, folks were evenly divided about his performance. Now, %54 of folk disapprove of of his job performance a month into it all and %58 think he's leading us in the wrong direction. Now if only these people could have figured this out BEFORE LAST YEAR'S ELECTION?!?!? You get what you vote for, folks.


On Larry King Live not too long ago, Donald Rumsfeld mentioned that he tried to resign not once, but TWICE...TWICE, but George wouldn't let him leave. Bet Rummy wishes he tried a third time as today, he's back in Iraq for a "surprise visit", checking in this time on Iraqi forces and letting them know it's their turn now to keep insurgents from blowing up things and each other. Essentially he's saying "It's your country now, we're backing off..."

And of course, while North Korea makes the formal announcement that they have nuclear weapons (not like Kim Jong Il hasn't been jumping up and down waving his arms going "We're making nuclear arms! We're making nuclear arms! and we're aiming them at YOU!" for the past year or so) Condi Rice says "Iran..." - "Hey, we're trying to do a nuclear power program, nothin' else?" - "You better not be building weapons..." - "It's just for power I swear!" - "You know what happened in Iraq..." *meanwhile Kim Jong Il is jumping up and down saying "I have nuclear weapons! I have them!" to which Ms. Rice responds "we'll talk to you later. Right now I'm talking to Iran..."

And speaking of ignoring the obvious...In the latest 9/11 report it is noted that before Sept 11th, the FAA "failed to pursue" warnings given them about suicide hijackings, like this one: "the intent of the hijacker is not to exchange hostages for prisoners, but to commit suicide in a spectacular explosion, a domestic hijacking would probably be preferable." Yep this is our government at work, people.

And speaking of our government at work...the FDA has decided NOT to ban an ADHD drug called Adderall XR despite the fact that is has caused 20 deaths and 20 strokes, some among children. Canada said, you know, I think drug needs to be looked at further. We're banning it for now.." But not us. Nope, doesn't matter what happened with Vioxx or Celebrex or Meridia...Adderall XR causing problems? Bring it on!

And speaking of bringing things on, The Dems are saying just that to the Speaker of the House. Reps Nancy Pelosi and Steny H, Hoyer are trying to get Texas Reps Lamar Smith and Tom DeLay booted from the Ethics Committee due to their issues with, well ethics. And of course, Dennis Hastert's spokesperson is saying that the Dems are trying to "politicize the ethics committee." Um...DeLay tried to singlehandedly redistrict Texas so the Republicans could get more votes and has some serious fraud charges against him that are still pending-that's not politicizing?!?!?

Just glad that the Dems are kicking in and keeping up the fight, man. Perhaps you ought to send a note to your Reps and Senators and say THANK YOU and KEEP IT UP!!!

OKAY, let's leave this and talk about some beauty. Here in NYC, a new public work will not just be unveiled but unfurled tomorrow at sunrise. Christo and Jeanne-Claude's piece The Gates opens in Central Park. It is over 7500 saffron colored gates with flowing awnings winding through the entire expanse of the Park. Basically, it is to add some color to a drab winter scene and needless to say that as I work near the park I can't wait :) If you find yourself in town for the rest of the month, you gotta come take a look. :)

And speaking of the art world, there is some sad news. Playwright Arthur Miller has passed away at the age of 89. He had many great works, but his most well known will always be The Crucible, based on the Salem Witch Trials, but influenced by the McCarthy era. The play was revived a couple of years back and it appears ever more timely with this administration.

HENCE, KEEP E-MAILING! In memory of Mr. Miller, fight the power and E-mail, call, write, fax your friends, your family, the press, and your congressfolk and make sure that they know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! And, as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on, no matter how sleep deprived you are :)

Peace --Alex

PS Curt Schilling has donated his bloody sock from Game 2 of the World Series to the Baseball Hall of Fame for a special exhibit on the Red Sox four game sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals. I was wondering when one of those Sox would get framed. Personally, as A Sox fan living in New York, I would prefer to see the one from Game 6 of the ALCS, but that's just me :p

ALSO - the one-act I directed for the Riant Theatre's Strawberry One-Act Festival here in NYC has moved on to the next round. Woo Hoo! Wish us luck in the semi-finals! We'll be at the Bernie West Theatre at Baruch College 2/12 and 2/13 at 5p and it's the first show of the series so get there early! The play is Well Laid Desert by Walter Brandes and if you have your Equity Card you can get in free, otherwise it's $15.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Aren't we trying to CUT spending? we all know the "trim" budget George has for planned for us is supposed to cut spending...even if it's $2.75 trillion dollars and does NOT include funds for Iraq...and will not even make a DENT in the deficit...but NOW we hear it's even WORSE than initally thought.

How could it be worse you ask? The Medicare Benefit, that's how. Apparently they were off a few billion dollars. When they announced THAT ridiculous plan back in 2003, the administration said that, over ten years it would cost $534 billion dollars. Well, it turns out now, that it will cost $1.2 TRILLION. Is it just me, or is it only since this particular administration that we have been talking more and more about things costing TRILLIONS of dollars?!?!

And speaking of things being larger than they, the main difference between Republicans and Democrats supposedly is that the Democrats believe the government can help us in our lives and the Republicans want the government LESS in our lives. Then WHY is it that, according to the Washington Post (and heck just anybody who has spoken out against the goverment over the last five years) Bush's agenda "...calls for Bigger More Powerful Government"? And apparently, some conservatives are "concerned" All I have to say to them is: Darn Tootin' you should be. We all should be CONCERNED. You shoulda been CONCERNED in 2000!!! Have they not been watching this man and his people (Karl Rove-evil genius) over the last five years? Have they not picked up on this until NOW? I do know that George is definitely scarier this year...he's got nothin' to lose as he's out after the 2nd term. Anyone notice how he sounds a bit more like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons when he talks?

And speaking of being friend Walter passed on an article "Filed by Matt Drudge" about how George, while in Nebraska trying to push his Social Security Bill, was queried by a woman who has three jobs; a situation he found "uniquely American":

MS. MORNIN: That's good, because I work three jobs and I feel like I contribute.

THE PRESIDENT: You work three jobs?

MS. MORNIN: Three jobs, yes.

THE PRESIDENT: Uniquely American, isn't it? I mean, that is fantastic that you're doing that. (Applause.) Get any sleep? (Laughter.)


Filed By Matt Drudge...

*Sigh* Yep, that's MY President...back off, Europe, he's mine...


Condi moves FAST! (and that's why George likes her {did I just say that?}). She's asking Europe to "put aside their differencs" and help create a "safer world" by helping to "create freedom" in the Arab world (um...has anyone asked how the Arab nations feel about this? AND she's already admonishing Iran saying if you don't change your ways, we're gonna slap you with sanctions! While she starts giving Iran the proverbial nuggie, she apparently feels it's okay to leave Sharon and Abbas alone now to work out their differences.

As things get scarier and scarier remember to KEEP E-MAILING!! E-mail, call, write, fax your Congressfolk, the press and your friends and family. Let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION and WILL NOT ALLOW this budget to go through. And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

all right, back to the phones (they're makin' me WORK today...and I only have ONE job!)

Peace --Alex

Monday, February 07, 2005

wonkette I am not worthy...

I bow down once again to this blogger as she does have some of the best quotes. Today in particular it is about Condi Rice and how she somehow has single handedly caused a truse in the Middle East. It's the FLIP, I tell you, they are all enchanted by her flip!

And she led me to this link to an article about how there is a PAC called "STOP HILLARY NOW!". These people just CANNOT let go...or they just really do fear that she has a chance in 2008.

Peace --Alex

can I just say...

I love Rodney Harrison. That interception last night was a thing of beauty allowing the Pats to watch the clock tick down to their 3rd win in four years. Ahhhh, my boys make me happy. The Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 and the Pats have taken the the 2004 Superbowl Championship. At least the year was good in SPORTS. One of my other favorite players, Christian Fauria (he's dreamy), is on the cover with Adam "foot of gold" Vinateri (who, while he did not kick at the end of the game, essentially saved us again by a field goal) of The Boston Globe. Yeah, I figure if you're going to read about the team, it might as well be from the home town paper. :)

AND NOW ONTO THE NEWS...yes, I know that there are other things going on in the world than two of my teams winning championships in one season (YEE HA!) In fact, today...I got to be further unnerved by Bush's budget talk (well, his people's budget talk as he can't come forth and say this stuff to people in five states to which he's been travelling to push his Social Security plan...I wonder if, in order to listen to him, they had to sign a loyalty oath saying that they would definitely invest in his plan...)

I just want to know how, if Social Security is in trouble NOW, taking money OUT of it to pay for his plan (which also would cost trillions of dollars to arrange anyway...TRILLIONS) is going to HELP? Particularly with the deficit?

Bush submitted his budget proposal to Congress today. it is being touted as the tightest spending of his Presidency...but it's still a $2.75 trillion dollar budget. And much of the budget is for homeland security, military and international spending (NOT INLUDING IRAQ-that's what $80 billion in supplemental spending would be for), BUT, as he refuses to raise taxes, he is CUTTING subsidies for farmers, education funding (yet somehow he wants to expand No Child Left Behind to high it's really leaving EVERY child behind), environmental protections and small buisness development. Oh and prescription prices for Veterans would INCREASE (so those people you sent into harms way and have lost a limb or two can't afford to get their painkillers and anti-infection medication...yeah THAT's gonna help morale..). You can read more here. It is positively frightening.

and of course, everyone's favorite felonious Congressman, Tom DeLay is out to make sure that House Conservatives "Stick to their Guns" and support Bush's plans. GAH! ... Who ARE these people?!?! And how are they convincing their constituency that what they are doing is GOOD for the nation, that's what I want to know.

I really do think it is time to e-mail, call, write, fax your Senators and Congressfolk let them know that there is no way that they can approve this budget as it stands right now. There are too many people left vulnerable by this proposal and Bush obviously doesn't see the irony of leaving the people-whose votes he so stuggled to attain and whose trust he was so persistent in gaining-far behind, They may see him as a good Christian man, out fighting a moral war against the infidels, but under this guise he and his people are slowly taking away their livelihood justifying that "it's okay" as long as we don't raise taxes. Once again, we have to mention that every company he ran, was run into the ground...and he's doing that here. Why people refuse to see this, boggles my mind.

If ever there was a time to KEEP E-MAILING this is it. Please get in touch with your Congresspeople as well as pass this on to your friends, family, the press, etc...this budget, Social Security and Iraq (and the potential for moving into Iran and elsewhere) are the real fear, not the drivel that Cheney, Rove and Bush keep asserting.

IN THE MEANTIME...we certianly could use some postivity so here we go:

1) COMEDY! My friend Julie Perkins is, no doubt about it, wicked funny and she will be at Caroline's tonight in NYC. I, due to getting a last minute gig cannot be there but urge you to be there tonight and give this girl some love (and support as there are to be industry people there). GO and LAUGH (loudly and often...and heck you just will anyway, cause as I said, she is wicked funny).

2)Yes, I got an opera gig...woo hoo! Thanks to my fantastic voice teacher, I will be part of a benefit concert in Greenwich, March 6th. More details as they come :)

3)A judge here in NYC, like the judge in MA, said that banning gay marriage is unconstitutional. Mayor Mike Bloomberg is out to appeal, but you know what, he's gonna have a harder fight than he thinks (I just wanted to say to him "do you know where you ARE?"). But then again, if it doesn't work out, there's always the Gay Kingdom.(admittedly, my first thoughts on the Gay Kingdom-thank my friend Doug for passing that info along, were:
1) You gotta love the Australians
2) Would Big Gay Al from South Park have his tour boat circle the island
3) Right NOW, they have no economy...if Emperor Dale goes through with the whole thing...I am just picturing the hotels, clubs, restaurants, theatres, cabarets/piano bars, ...and the ads...TOURISM, baby, TOURISM!

Spread the Love and Call your Congresspeople!

Peace --Alex

Friday, February 04, 2005

a great loss

I was ready to rant about Conoleeza Rice speaking in London about Iran (there are "no immediate plans to attack Iran", but of course, they're thinkin' about it!), when I heard the news that actor/director/writer/producer and activist Ossie Davis has passed away at the age of 87.

The theatre I work at is doing a concert staging of the musical he co-adapted from his play, "Purlie" in March, hence it was quite a shock to hear of the man's passing. I know these people are getting older and that you are always glad to hear that these people are still around, but it still remains surprising to hear the loss of someone with such energy, promise and passion. They've been with us this long, why not forever? The story should still be at Yahoo news and there is more here at MSNBC.

Peace --Alex

Thursday, February 03, 2005

The State of The Speech

Okay, did anyone else find that moment when the Iraqi human rights activist hugged the mother of a fallen Marine just a little bit tacky...let alone further proof that Bush's people made sure the Iraqi vote happened on the 30th and no later if only to HAVE that moment at the State of the Union?

And who else noticed the Iran bit? Please tell me the Daily Show's fantastic editing team is putting together-or HAS put together-clips from the Iraq SOTU and now the Iran SOTU. The man pretty much said "Iran, if you don't clean up your act, or even if you do but we don't think it's enough, you're NEXT!" Cause yes, George is trying to take over the world. That's not Democracy, it's GEORGE IS ON THE MARCH! (run! run!)

In the "backround check, anyone?" category, on the cover of the Boston Herald (of all papers), has a column detailing the story of Willie Dunn. Willie Dunn was seated behind Laura last night and was invited to the State of the Union as an example of a young man who has found God and changed his life around. Well, the mother of the two kids that Dunn shot and killed before his transformation apparently was not pleased...

I did not see the speech, but I did see the clips this morning on the Today Show and Good Morning America. I want to assume that a combination of growing horror over this Administration as well as your Congressfolk getting LOTS and LOTS of e-mails and phone calls and such from their constituency led to a couple of fine moments during the speach. 1) at one point, as the Republican Senators rose to applaud one of Bush's statements, all 45 Democratic Senators remained seated, and 2) When Bush declared that Social Security would be bankrupt soon (despite Social Security's own actuaries saying that things are good for some time), the Democrats all said "No!" Bob Schieffer remarked that through all the State of the Union speeches he has seen (and come on, the man's been a around a while), he has never once seen the President heckled. Matt Lauer said it made him feel as if they were all at British Parliament. I say we need a LOT more of that from our people. Perhaps you ought to send them a little note saying THANKS FOR MAKING SOME NOISE...and to CONTINUE DOING THAT...

Speaking of people making some noise...I think y'all got to read these articles from Molly Ivins and Mark Morford about the vote in Iraq. And then there is also Robert Byrd'sremarks from the floor about his issues with Alberto Gonzalez. (And can I thank my friend Fred for turning me on to Common Dreams in the first place?)

Also, on Stephanie Miller this morning, apparently she recieved quite the flood of calls about the speech, mainly from a lot of people who could not watch the speech, many due to sudden attacks of nausea, to which she responded with how she watches these moments "so [we] don't have to". Please, send her a note and thank her for the sacrifice. And if there was a way to thank one of her callers...For some time I have been (half) joking about the possible affair between George and Condoleeza. A caller mentioned that when she was publicly sworn in, she was making her post swearing-in remarks, and instead of saying how she planned to help "my President..." as best she could, she slipped and said "my husband..." and then in her usual unflappable manner corrected herself and continued. Okay, if anyone has the video of this, send me the link, man...and once again, I am upping my bet that there's an affair (anyone have the Vegas ods on this?)...My mother can see the affair, but feels Condi is a little "cold". I figure George may have caught her at the piano (she did train to become a concert pianist before joining the dark side), releasing a little tension, perhaps tossing her head freely to the intensity of the piece (that George wouldn't recognize), allowing her flip to get ever so slightly mussed, and as she finished, George found himself aroused enough to say "Wow, play the piano real good..." Condi is embarrassed to be discovered, even by her good friend, and tries to fix her loosed flip and rebuttons her navy blue blazer. "That was really cool," George says as she stands up. "Thank you Mr. President," she says, blushing. "I really should get back, I just left Kim Jong Il alone in the Roosevelt Room." - "Aw Condi, we have negotiators for that, can't you spare a moment...for your old friend George?"...and that's how it could have begun...

All right...they are making me do my JOB today so i can't add much more, but I of course have to add that you must KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-mail, call, fax, write you friends and family, your Congressfolk and the press. LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION!!! Apparently, it's working, if the Dem reaction last night was even a slight indication. We must keep up the fight people, or George will get away with the policies he spoke of last night...and you KNOW that that cannot happen. Pass it on, pass it on, pass it on.

Peace --Alex

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The State of the Union...

is really sad, particularly when George is the one who gets to tell us about it. His plan this evening is apparently to "outline" his plan for Social Security (cause even HE doesn't have an exact plan and plans on leaving the details to everything else) and discuss the "victory" in Iraq...I highly recommend going to this site of political cartoons to see what most are saying. There was one I saw yesterday, though, that I am glad I was able to find there, thanks to my friend Doug-it's a favorite.

I will not be able to watch the speech tonight and while generally, I am glad to have a distraction as I can't listen to the man talk for longer than 5 minutes (if that long, but tonight I actually would like to see how he turns the vote into his decided victory for Iraq...all right, can I just say ARRRGGGHHH!

He also plans on discussing the Budget ...Should this man really be allowed to talk about money...ever...with our deficit?!?! If you think about it, if he ran his own finances like this he'd have had his accounts closed, credit cards cut up and be homeless right now...or in prison for tax evasion, bad checks, etc...or perhaps swimmin' with the fishes ("Mr. Bush, Fat Louis made you a loan. And then he made you another. And another. You agreed to pay them back. You haven't done that. That cement okay around your ankles?")

Again I say Thank God for Harry Reid. He said in a press conference that "President Bush should forget about privatizing Social Security. It will not happen." I say send the man a little note and say thank you :)


The Dems are leaning toward choosing Howard Dean for the DNC head. Personally I'm just waiting for Dean to yell "YEE HA!" when he gets the gig.

And just so you know, if you have ever wondered what really goes on at the Homeland Security's infighting! Yep, apparently the main reasons they're not protecting us from terror are "personality conflicts, bureaucratic bottlenecks and an atmosphere of demoralization". (hey this happens in MY office..we still get our work done!)

If you think about this, you notice Bush, who we already know does NOT like to be disagreed with and actually, according to the Time Magazine article on him, enjoys the critism he it just me or has he become even more of a stubborn 5 year old? He really just doesn't want to hear it about leaving Social Security alone, having an exit plan for Iraq, not having a ban on gay marriage, not hiring only your friends. I mean, does he look more and more like he's just standing there when he gets asked for details about his grand plans, arms by his sides, hands balled up in fists, face in a firece cringe saying "NO!" and if you nudge him enough he might just raise his hands to his ears and start saying "LA! LA! LA! LA! LA!"..well perhaps the Homeland Security people have just been picking up on their boss' attitude.

I figure we're allowed to be snippy with George...and we can keep E_MAILING!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk. Let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! And, as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

PS...Terrell Owens...I know you are going to play, I know you have vowed to play well...but've made Rodney Harrison very unhappy, and you don't make Rodney Harrison unhappy. GO PATS!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

and now for...

things george does not want to hear before the State of the Union:

Yep, there's video of prison abuse at Guantanamo...

Wow...they really ARE like our elections

Lookie here, George, their elections ARE justlike ours!

Yep, even the Sunnis were having problems with a lack of polling places and other such voting irregularites...And to think George wants to try this in Iran, Syria, Jordan, etc etc etc...

George gets to talk...again?!?!

No wonder he wouldn't push back the date of the Iraq elections! The State of the Union is TOMORROW (giving myself a dope slap-Cut the ADD/insomniac girl surrounded by ongoing office construction some slack). Speaking of his speaking...yesterday, one of the Shiite leaders and frontrunners in the polls declared that he would reach out to Sunnis who did NOT vote and were doubtful of the whole process. As they have to build a Constitution, he says, it should not just be for the the Shia and the Kurds; the Constitution is for everyone. Um, George, think you might take a hint from that? As while you have been (not so quietly) seeking to find a way to repeal Roe V. Wade, amend the Constitution to in order to ban gay marriage, allowing your attorney general to order the indefinite holding-without proper charge-of hundreds of men and women merely for being Muslim, having the same name as someone you may have seen on a list or for speaking out against the government, all under the Patriot Act, allowing for torture, allowing the GOP to send out misleading flyers to conservative Christians about "liberals" and to mislead blacks about polling areas, the dates of the vote as well as keeping them FROM the vote with faulty lists AT polling areas, AND entering a war under false pretenses while allowing the terrorist who actually attacked us run free in the caves of Afghanistan, well, sir, I think you indeed have forgotten that the Constitution is for EVERYONE and you and your people need to rethink our being an example of freedom to the fledgling democracy of Iraq. I want you to think about that as you practice the words written for you in that speech you give tomorrow...remember, the State of the Union speech has gotten you into trouble before...

And speaking of the President misleading people...George apparently has decided to "privately" support limits on his privatizing of social security 'cause he keeps hearing that there are a few people who disagree with him. ("but really, Mr. President, it's just a few...")

And speaking of people who disagree with him, can we give it up for Harry Reid and Nacy Pelosi who challenged George on Iraq yesterday? They have asked George to use his speech to explain how long American troops are going to stay and how, perhaps he's going to measure the success there...

And if anyone had forgotten that there is indeed a war going on with all the vote hoopla, there was a riot at an Iraqi prison. Soldiers ended up having to use deadly force, though, already the Iraqi human rights minister is asking for an investigation into whether or not it was excessive.

Speaking of soliders, George is AT LEAST "seeking" to raise the death benefit to $100,000...Guess he figured he had to do something since he sent them there in the first place to be killed, let alone didn't make sure that there was enough money for proper body armor...and didn't judge properly how long they're going to be there...particularly as, just when everybody is calling for an exit strategy, an Iraqi leader is saying, the troops leave, that is complete nonsense


With all George's talk about abstinence programs (which people have been saying for years do not work), there is yet another study saying that sex increased among Texas teens (not in TEXAS?!?!) after the abstinence program was introduced at the school.

AND what did I tell you? George was all smiles yesterday about his newly sworn in Education secretary, Miss Spellings, praising her as she stated that she-and the President-want to expand the No Child Left Behind program to the High School level (and I am sure they will try to add abstinence programs and band Spongebob and Buster the Bunny while they are at it...but that's for a more private conversation and hidden documentation).

And in the realm of the ridiculous...Medicare will cover Viagra. I believe the quote is, "if it is approved and deemed medically necessary, then Medicare has to cover it..." Okay, then y'all HAVE to cover the pill now because, as it has been since Viagra was released into the world, there are a whole lot more women out there for whom the pill should be deemed medically necessary.

So while you are waiting for your prescriptions, KEEP E-MAILING!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, yourCongressfolk, the press, etc. Let them all know that YOU are PAYING ATTENTION!! and as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on.

Peace --Alex