Friday, October 27, 2006

and further reasons to get out Nov 7th

The title headline for the Washington Post today was:

The Year of Playing Dirtier

If you have seen any of the latest campaign ads, they have not just been nasty, but down right ridiculous and offensive. This is how desperate the GOP are now to keep their seats.

I just got my confirmation letter yesterday that I can vote in NYC, yet of course, while there are tight gubernatorial and senatorial races here in New York, in Massachusetts, the gubernatorial race there is definitely something to see.

Deval Patrick is a progressive candidate who got ahead by grass roots efforts and, from what I have heard, sheer charisma. Kerry Healy, the Lt. Governor and his opponent, has been putting out the worst negative ads against him and it apparently it has hurt her tremendously. Only now is she putting out a positive ad about her actual attributes and I am sure that it's only because the negative ads have backfired, but so far it appears that she is still a good deal behind Patrick and she essentially blew herself out of the race.

So far, I think I've seen one ad against Hillary Clinton and two Hillary ads which talk about her attribues and are not negative at all. In the two debates she had against her opponent John Spencer, while Hillary does not have the off-the-cuff verbal sway her husband has, I think she did all right and it appears the only argument Spencer really has against Hillary is the fact that she wants to run for President "and won't be here for us New Yorkers". Most likely, Hil is gonna run, but then again, from what I've read, she takes TIME on major decisions, pouring over every details, asking colleagues for their opinion and advice...months can go by and she still won't know, hence this could actually be the case with '08.

I just love that the two states I have lived in and could vote in, seem to have races that are already set. But I will still get out there November 7th and make sure.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

What's the matter with Kansas?

This is the question the GOP must be asking as 9 former Republicans, sick of the way the party has been going, have decided to run as Democrats for the 2006 elections....

and I'll tell ya, one reason I have not been at the blog so much is that, well man look at how much has been going on!! It's just f***in' overwhelming when you see the news about the violence in Iraq skyrocketing, North Korea, Mark Foley, Jack just keeps going and going and going...When it comes to these midterm elections, if the Dems can't take back Congress after the deluge of GOP foibles and fumbles of late, then there is nothing else to blame it on than sheer stupidity, lack of focus and the deal Karl Rove made with Satan back while campaigning in 1998-99.

But even with headlines and stories like this, there are still other stories and headlines like this, hence we must scare up our own voters to come out November 7th. Luckily MoveOn and True Majority are offering up ways to have call parties and such to get people out there to the polls, but also just make a giant post it note for YOURSELF to get out there. The change MUST happen, but we shouldn't think that because the GOP is imploding right now we can not afford sit on our laurels.

I even am now registered to vote here in NYC at long damn last (I still have my MA license and voted there, but as I plan on sticking around here in NY I figured it was time to register here)...and of course NOW there is a major gubernatorial race in MA (vote for Deval Patrick, people!) :p


Peace --Alex

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

cause it just keeps comin'...

David Kuo was head of the Faith Based Initiatives program at the White House and has written a book about that experience...and how "decision makers" within the White House used that program to rally evangelical Christians while-behind their backs-calling then "the nuts", "ridiculous", and other such derogatory terms. You might think "well, hey, there goes their base" but then again, I'm gonna bet that these folks will just pray for the soul of Kuo for when he goes to hell for writing such things against the President...

Friday, October 06, 2006

Mark Foley in 1994...

Dennis Hastert says he only got this info in January...maybe. Fellow Congressfolk and aides said they told Hastert in 2003. There's been a report that one guy even mentioned Foley's actions in 1995.

But apparently, a Worcester, MA cable news show called Out New England, outed Foley in 1994 after an alleged incident then with an 18 year old page. Yep, my friend was working for this show and the man who produced and hosted it, Kurt Wolfe was reporting on this guy early on. There is no posted info going back to '94 but at least there is this from 1996.

and while Denny plans on staying, the polls show that the people want him out. And dude, when The Washington Times is asking for your resignation...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

cause it is still Clinton's fault...

The Republicans really can't seem to give up on Clinton, but to blame him, George Soros and the democrats for Mark Foley's actions is just crossing a line. It also just shows how desperate the GOPers are to spin this situation that essentially could be the last nail in the coffin for the November elections.

For those who did not see the Daily Show last night...John Stewart and the editing staff to whom I still owe a basket of muffins, showed Sean Hannity (who I cannot beLIEVE my cousin is friends with, particularly after this nonsense), on FOX actually saying "I don't wanna throw Clinton into this..." and of course we are left shouting at the TV "OF COURSE YOU DO!...DUMBASS!" AND he also brings up Gerry Studds in 1983 having an affair with a 17 year old page...cause the Republicans can FIND this stuff (see John Stewart reaction), but the best had to be the footage of FOX actually labeling Foley as "Rep Mark Foley, D-FL"...somehow I don't think that was a typo...just sayin'...

I can't get the link on my overprotected work computer but I say head to and see for yourself as it is brilliantly put together. And then we can all send them a basket of muffins...

And speaking things that folks should have seen on TV last night, I can only hope that SOMEONE, preferably some Tom DeLay constituent, in Sugarland saw the Bill Moyers special on public television last night. Mind you, they might watch the report and say "well that's just some liberal elite crap and can't possibly be true..." but then again, it might cast the doubt it should...or just outright horrify folks as it did me...Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist, Tom DeLay, Mike Scanlon, Ralph Reed, and Bob Ney basically showed how low one can truly go in the world of lobbying and politics. It sadly may not be new, but it really was...appalling the level of inhumanity, greed and hypocrisy involved in Abramoff's scams and how far Norquist and the far right are willing to go to make sure that the GOP is in charge of everything...

And you also get to learn that Tom DeLay smiled in his mugshot in order for folks to "see Christ in him".

the special will be on again 10/8 at 2pm.

Can we get this mailed to that 39% of people who still support Bush and his ilk?

IN THE MEANTIME....Condi Rice is back in Bagdhad for an "unexpected visit" hoping to get the government there to try to deal with their differences...particularly after American forces had to take over a section of the city as it is believed that Iraqi police have been conspiring and collaborating with Shiite death squads who have been kidnapping, torturing Sunni citizens. "Stop that civil war! STOP THAT!"

And a FOURTH person has come out saying that they told Dennis Hastert about Foley's email issues...and of course Denny can't recall THAT conversation either, but has no problem going on the air with "friendly radio hosts" essentially saying it's the Democrats fault that he can't remember anything about this...

The "resident" as one aquaintance likes to call George, of course is just trying to talk about how the Democrats are soft on terror...he just wants to stay "on message" rather than deal with this scandal business an the possible loss of his buddy Denny who he swears "cares about the children of this country" (yet not enough to cut off Foley early). Besides that scandal, there is growing resentment towards Iraq, and Bob Woodward's new book "State of Denial" which should push that resentment right along. Particularly when you've got people confirming stuff in it like General Jones, who confirmed that yes, he took issue with the war in Iraq and brought up his concerns with Peter Pace. Of course, he's walking that thin line of well-yes-I-said-that-but-it-really- wasn't-that-bad-when-I-said-it, but then again he still has a few months before he retires...

And then there's George's own words to worry about as he told a group while doing a campaign sweep that, in the history book, Iraq will "just be a comma" compared to the rest of the war on terror and his reign-I mean presidency. JUST A COMMA?!?!? Wow, Rove's been feeding you morphine is you think Iraq is going to be "just a comma", If it is, it'll be a 20 story block print one bigger than the White House and the embarrassment of a library that may be set up for him and that may just fall on him. The idea that he could even refer to this war as just a comma, proves his arrogance and perhaps just outright stupidity...and is also proof of Woodward's mention is his book about how George doesn't like to hear anything negative about Iraq.

Hence he digs the latest military spending bill that includes 20 MILLION DOLLARS FOR A VICTORY PARTY in IRAQ!...yep, someone (Karl Rove) put crack in the Capitol's water supply...

If ever there was a time to KEEP EMAILING this would be it my friends!!!!

Peace --Alex