Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Vote In Iraq it has taken me three days to get to this, but here we go...
1/29 - Yes, Iraq will vote in a number of hours, while many of expatriate Iraqis have already performed their duty at polling stations acorss the country. It is an historic moment for the country, as the people of Iraq have not had the opportunity to vote for over 30 years. They are finally able to vote for their own government. They will no longer be ruled by a dictator nor a provisional government.

Yet, while I see the pictures of expatriate Iraqis coming out of the booths, some wrapped in Iraqi flags, others merely weeping with joy, I cannot shake my doubts of how effective this truly will be. One would hope that turn out will be strong enough and a decent government that the people believe in will be properly elected. But with many being too afraid to go the polls, and entire groups shunning the elections...well, it just leaves me worried.

And knowing that due to the American occupation, Iraq has become a breeding ground for terrorists. yahoo-oo-oo
NY Times
NY Times...again
NY Times...they had a lot of good stuff today

1/30 - Today on CBS Sunday morning a report showed how one ad provided the most inspiration for folks to hit the polls as the IED's exploded around them-one that shows American troops leaving after the vote (we're talking computer generated footage of tanks, trucks and troops filing out in a long line towards the horizon, away from their country), well it says to me that these people have not heard George's speech the other day that "the Iraqis will want us to stay!"

1/31 And of course, today, Bush declares the vote a victory...but there's still fighting to come...Ya think?!?!
NY Times

According to Wonkette, a "pro-US Mayor" over there wants to build a statue to George...please go the site to see their reaction to this request as it is priceless...


In my previous entry, I mentioned how George and Co. were reaching out to the black vote for his Social Security initiative, saying that blacks are shortchanged by the present system. Well, an economist has come out saying "uh...that's not true George..."

AND, once again, the Homeland Security job seems harder and harder to fill. I've mentioned that folks have had doubts about Chertoff...well, they're growing...Washington Post
See, you should know that you are in trouble when a phrase in an article about you includes the phrase "critics contend that he was not candid with the senators, and was perhaps misleading about the nature of the tactics he pursued."

Bloggerman has not been covering the Iraq vote on his blog, but he has been in quite the e-battle with Dr. Dobson of the group that said that Spongebob was gay. You should go to his blog to see how far these people are willing to go...Bloggerman

And if there is one positive lesson we can learn from Dr. Dobson, it is to KEEP E-MAILING! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the Press and your Congressfolk. Let them know that you are PAYING ATTETION!!! And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on! friend Fred sent me a a link to a great website. It is called No Sweat and they provide comfy clothes UNION MADE and they are out to fight the sweat shops. AND they're having a SALE!!! Check out their stuff at: No Sweat

And if anyone would like to congratulate me on finally figuring out the hyperlink thing, feel free...unless you can't get into the links and I've screwed it up again :p

Peace --Alex

Friday, January 28, 2005

Give a hand to Ted Koppel

See, if it weren't for Dave Letterman-or just the fact that I HAVE to go to bed by 11p or I'll never get to sleep-I'd watch Ted Koppel much more often. Mom tells me that last night he had a town meeting; and for an hour and a half asked pundits, politicians and soldiers if we should get out of Iraq. It appears the general consensus is to get the bejeezus out of there cause no one can give a solid reason as to WHY we are there.


Duck...and Cover...

In two days, Iraq votes...well, some of them will. The ones who are closer to a truly secure voting area. The ones who have actually figured out who of 750 candidates they want to vote for and what their platforms are. The ones who actually did sign up for absentee ballots abroad.

Now I understand wanting to get out there and vote no matter what the circumstances, but I do think that what people are about to do this weekend is pure suicide. And also could turn out to be purely futile.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, even the Administration, who has been touting this election as the ultimate symbol of "Freedom On The March" (to the point of George not mentioning the helicopter crash yesterday as he wanted to keep a speech about the Iraq vote "positive"), actually started talking down the elections saying that it's more the action-the action of defying the insurgents-than the actual numbers that's important. It appears they are now telling the Iraqi voters that if you don't get out and vote, the insurgents have won...and you're not patriotic. Much like if you disagree with the President, you're not for freedom ("no medal of freedom for you!"). I'm sorry, but does it not seem like these people voting under a little (a LOT of) duress? Sure there are some that think this is a great idea-that this is a symbol of their independence after being under a horrible regime, but when the candidates can't campaign for fear of getting shot, the information on candidates and their platforms is sketchy at best, insurgents are threatening anyone who goes out to vote to "cut of their heads and the heads of their children", and people literally could be bombed or killed on their way to a voting booth, I can only see this as fruitless, not to mention dangerous. The idea that Bush could not push this election back til things are at least a little more settled...I find it positively disturbing...and I'll find the speech he'll make on the day and day after the election about this "great moment on the road to democracy and freedom" even more disturbing.


and of course, in response to Ted Kennedy requesting that we start a pull out from Iraq, George says "Well, they'll want us to stay after the election"...I don't think they want us there NOW George..


And speaking of disturbing...Dick Cheney was the Untied States representaive at the Auschwitz rememberance yesterday. Most leaders there wore dark formal coats and "gentleman's hats". Not our guy. Nooo, Dick showed us why our Admninstration is the one people feel they can have a beer with:
Washington Post


Even these guys gotta eat...but dude, in the same place? You would think that after creating a Homeland Security Department, they might have created a law against all these guys eating together. Then again, with the amount of security, who could get at them?
Washington Post

can you imagine the kitchen sweep there?

Condoleeza Rice is on the road claiming that the best way to promote democracy is (drum roll please) DIPLOMACY!! Guess they realized that this whole pre-emptive strike plan and alienating all your friends before-hand wasn't working so now they're trying something new and exciting.

And cause George wants to make sure EVEYRONE knows and agrees with his ludicrous Social Security Plan, as well as his proposal of an amendment to ban gay marriage that he's actually started appealing to the people he's tried to keep from voting

black people

Okay, after all this we could use a chuckle. Just remember, you may have had mudslides and rain on the West Coast, or you're dealing with the snow and frigid cold here on the East, but at least be glad that you are not in Milford, Nebraska where a cow manure pile has been burning for three MONTHS now...(I think some people near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can somehow relate to this):CNN

And to keep your mind of the smell, KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-Mail, Call, Fax, Write your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!!! And, as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Someone give Ted Kennedy a call and say "THANK YOU!" for being so loud and proud about asking that the US withdraw-militarily and poltically=from Iraq. It was juat announced on Yahoo news :)

Peace --Alex

someday, I'd like to be able to forget...

that I made $21,500. According to Wonkette and Yahoo News, columnist Maggie Gallagher, was paid by the Department of Health And Human Services $21,500 to do research on marriage issues. And she didn't think to disclose this. And kinda forgot about it. Yeah, I'd like to be able to forget that I made $21,500, let alone forget it so conveniently...

It's kind of like the tsunami...he had all these people criticizing him first before George said "By the way, we got this long term plan to help out the victims..." NOW he's urging federal agencies to stop "pundit payola" after being chastised by Democrats including Nancy Pelosi and an independent group looking to start an investigation.


Condoleeza Rice was sworn in as Secretary of State in a "private ceremony at the White House last night"...hey, they said that on the news this morning, not me...who's upping their bets on news of the affair? anyone? anyone?

The headline from Newsday is "It Hurts...but it's worth it" with a picture of George wincing/perhaps trying to cry. Yesterday, 37 solderis were lost in the fighting, 31 of whom died in a helicopter crash...and 27 of those Marines in that crash were from one base-the one at Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii. I would like George to call each of these people's families and tell them exactly why it was worth it.

And speaking of things George is unaware of...he was asked yesterday about the case of a Jordanian who was sentenced to two years in prison for speaking out against the goverment. "I was unaware of the case" he said. And literally, this is sure to be the case as 1) George is on vacation a LOT and may have missed the catch-up memo and 2) His people could have left that story out.

And in the "Things George doesn't want to hear" category, Douglas J. Feith is leaving his post for "personal reasons". Who is Douglas J. Feith, you ask? Basically this guy was one of the "key architects" of the Iraq war. A Washington lawyer and loya neo-con, he definitely had an in for Saddam Hussein, and it is rumored that is was his office that "exaggerated" the pre-war threat of Saddam. Tommy Franks apparently called him "The stupidest guy on the face of the earth..." Um Tommy, you looked in on your boss lately?

And speaking of might want to keep your ears open about USIP. They are the think tank that said "Okay, we're in Iraq. Here's what's going to happen if we stay with the present course of things...." They were ignored, and all their predictions came true, so now people are goin' "Um, hey, can we look at that report again?"

People are paying attention, folks, so KEEP E_MAILING!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION!! And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

One last thing. Please take a moment to remember the soldiers lost yesterday, and those lost everyday over there and also to remember those lost in WWII as today we remember the liberation of Auschwitz.

Peace --Alex

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Vote v. Condi

9 hours. they debated 9 hours over Condoleeza Rice's record yesterday and they vote today. I am very happy to say that there were a number of Democrats including Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer and Mark Dayton (Minnesota; yeah I hadn't heard of him either but I heard he made a great speech) who spoke against Ms. Rice and plan on voting against her (it'll apparently be the first time since the 80's since there hadn't been a unanimous vote). It is expected that Condi will get confirmation today, but I think is a good thing that Bush and his people, who assumed she would be "fast-tracked" to her new position, got to see that it is indeed going to be more difficult to get his stuff done this term. (and I suggest that we keep that going by keeping in good contact with our Congress people...)

And speaking of making life difficult for George, The DNC is passing around a petition to be sent to the "President" urging him to rethink his Social Security policy. They need a few more thousand signatures and I am all for passing this around and making sure they get all the signatures they need.

And speaking of things that will get cut because of this and because George doesn't want to raise taxes-particularly those of attendees of the Black Tie and Boots ball-did you know that this year we will have a record deficit...AGAIN?!?!

But yes, George is still looking for $80 BILLION for Iraq, a little for Afghanistan (cause it's not as important as Iraq...even though THAT'S WHERE OSAMA IS), and a little for the tsunami victims, and whatever's left for...well whatever else needs to be taken care of. I just want to know, if George knows all these people who have BILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars of their own...why doesn't he ask THEM for a little help? I would think they might be kinda grateful since he's not raising their taxes, has helped make sure they don't have to pay for benefits for their employees, has allowed them to cut costs by outsourcing to India and China, and is about to make cuts in social security and "simplify" the tax code. I'm just sayin', they might owe him a favor.

I say it's this or they get to send their kids to Iraq as apparently the Army Reserve is short their recruiting quota by 15,000. The National Guard and the Reserves are having a heck of time getting people to join up...wonder why? (This was in yesteday's Newsday and sadly I cannot find the article today)


It's more from the "Things George doesn't want to hear" file. Today, it's from as they discuss a report recently filed that says that due to contaminants such as asbestos and lead from a badly damaged vacant building, rebuilding at Ground Zero couldbe seriously delayed. Wait, didn't the EPA say it was safe down there?

And it's not just SpongeBob Sqaurepants getting to the Christian right, it's PBS's animated show "Postcards from Buster" now kicking up a fuss with the Education chief Miss Spellings. Well, now we know why George picked's those pesky "moral values". Apparently she does not approve of Buster, a bunny, visiting Vermont and meeting two lesbian couples. Now, the show does not focus on the lesbians who happen to live in a state that allows gay/lesbian civil unions, it focuses on farms and maple-sugaring in Vermont; you know, the stuff that Vermont is actually known for. Said farms just happen to be owned and run by lesbian couples. But apparently Miss Spellings thinks this is gonna scare the kids (save for the kids who already have two mommies or two daddies and might finally get to see something that looks like their family on TV...)

As you read the article, there is a link to a "live vote" asking you to state your opinion of the Education Department's reaction to the tv show and as I went there, the majority of people appear to believe that Miss Spellings's opinion is ludicrous. I suggest you send an e-mail of support to WGBH and your own public television station in support of the Postcards from Buster episode known as "Sugartime!" ...and perhaps send a nasty little note to Miss Spellings.

And speaking of George again, I have to add this from

Live-Blogging the Presidential News Conference
10:02 Bush starts reading before he gets behind podium. Clearly would rather be elsewhere. Rather be being interviewed by Dan Rather.
10:03 Iraqi freedom will require "commitment of generations," i.e., "We will be drafting your grandchildren."
10:04 "There has been enormous sacrifice by some of our citizens." No one i know, of course, but my staff has informed me that is the case.

please feel free to head over to that site as there is some other brilliant stuff there today :)

And I must thank them for this link to the New York Daily News about how Bush apparently pounded the table when Bono went on a rant about AIDS drugs and wasn't allowing him to reply.

And before I forget! CALL or E-MAIL STEPHANIE MILLER! Apparently, she has made just enough of a stink that the right-wingers have been on the attack, being given talking points and being told to call her show--even if she's not on the air in their state. Call or e-mail her with your support today! She was one of the few people talking about election fraud and is a great big breath of fresh air on the talk radio dial. She also happens to be wicked funny. CALL HER!

And just as Bono tends to go on and on and rant, so should you! KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk. They need to know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!! So pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!!

Peace -Alex :)

Monday, January 24, 2005

cause there's always a little something else...

So, I'm looking at my Washington Post headlines again and I see this article that the Bush ADministration is going to use two democrats to bolster their insistance that Social Security needs to be saved. Who are these Democrats: Bill Clinton and Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Yeah, I also went WHAT?!?! whatchu talkin' 'bout Willis?

Well, they are using ONE LINE from Bill Clinton: "Save Social Security First". What they DON'T mention is that Clinton was trying to keep the pols from doing what George is planning to do. They are just assuming that nobody really was paying attention to him anyway; that no one is going to look into the details, cause, you know, who needs them?; and they are hoping that all these "ditto" Republicans are going to be use the argument to their Democratic friends "Well, you're guy Clinton said it needed to be saved, so there!"

PLEASE e-mail, call fax, write your Congresspeople about this and DO NOT be one of those who does not check all the details. That is what they keep hoping for and have been doing for the last four years and what they will continue to do for the next four years. They don't want you to pay attention so they can slide by bad bills at bad times and make it look like they just gave us each a big present. That's fools gold in that little goody bag, so don't let them get away with it!

pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex


Okay, I heard it on NPR while I was typing the last entry, but now have it confirmed thanks to Yahoo News. Yes, that really was George W. on the phone from Camp David (cause he's on vacation AGAIN), voicing support to the Anti-Choice protestors outside the Supreme Court today, saying he is out to introduce legislation to "protect the most vulnerable" (subtext: if I could turn over Roe v. Wade, I would but these damn liberals keep fightin' me on it")

Is it just me or is this just one of the cockiest things you can do as leader of the free world on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade?

You might want to e-mail him AND your Ongressfolk about this.

Peace --Alex

McCain v. The Pentagon

You gotta love this guy...okay yes, he stuck to party loyalties during the campaign, but you gotta give the guy credit for calling Bush out on The Swift Boat Ads and now for looking into the Pentagon's move to "reinterpret U.S. law to give Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld broad authority over spy operations abroad..." What is it with Republicans...all right, even I can't generalize this...with the WHITE HOUSE REPUBLICANS and their need to "reinterpret" laws til they work juuust for them? Another reason to keep Alberto Gonzalez out of the Attorney General seat as he has been all too willing to do just that since W. was Goveror in Texas.

And speaking of the Penatagon...if you hadn't heard already (it had been discussed on Nightline many moons ago when discussing ties of this group to Abu Ghraib and other prisoner abuse), the Pentagon has "an intelligence-gathering and support unit that has authority to operate clandestinely anywhere in the world where it is ordered to go in support of anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism missions..." Basically, they are the black-ops of Intelligence gatherers...the problem is, these guys have no rules, and if they feel torture is the way to get info, they don't have to report to anyone right away in order to do it. Rumsfeld is one of the key people involved here (hence more reasoning for McCain tobe looking into Pentagon doings) and you can see the rest of the story at:

And speaking of people who could be involved with all this, it's official, the Democrats have indeed stalled the vote on Condi's Senate approval.


In the "things George doesn't want to hear category": The New York Times has this article on how, due to the power the Republicans have right now, this bubble really could burst as Republicans themselves are doubting Bush's agenda:

George may also not want to hear how Olympia Snowe of Maine has "misgivings" about his plan for Social Security, particularly as she is on the Finance Committee:

And one must go to for "recollections" from the Inauguration, which includes this moment:

"As we marched along side fellow democrats towards the parade a very well dressed republican family (obviously from Texas) walked by. The youngest child- a girl no more than 8 shouted at the crowd 'Democrats kill babies' -- her family chuckled as they walked away. Without missing a beat a woman smiled and shouted back 'to bad you weren't one of them.'

It was a lovely moment"

How do we keep lovely moments coming? KEEP E-MAILING!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, your Congressfolk and the Press as they NEED to know that YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION!! And it looks like some are actually listening, so keep it going! And as always pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Speaking of Lovely Moments...YEA, PATS!! We're going BACK to the Superbowl! Yee Ha, baby!

Peace --Alex

Sunday, January 23, 2005

"Bush? This is Sharon..."

One of my favorite bands is a classic soul/funk band called Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings. I can guarantee you a good time if you go out and see them as the band is TIGHT and Sharon Jones is this spark plug of nonstop soul with a voice and energy that won't quit. You HAVE to go out and see these people if you appreciate soul and funk music at all. ANYWAY, the main reason for this bit is:

We were all recovering from the Inauguration and Sharon herself had a few things to say about it. She would like to go up to the White House and say "Bush! hey, Bush! This is Sharon and the Dap Kings, and we've got something to say..." She does a great impression of George's twitchy smile, by the way, and after stating that George seems to have forgotten that the country is not just his to play with and mess with, she went into a fantastic version of "This Land Is Your Land" You can hear this on the new album they have just put out called "Naturally" It comes out in the stores this coming Tuesday (though I have heard the whole thing as I won a copy that good...soo good.)

Peace --Alex

Friday, January 21, 2005


Ahh...if you're recovering from yesterday...I am here at least to provide you with some more positivity. Including:

*Michael Powell has decided to resign from the office of head of the FCC. Okay...I can't guarantee that the Administration won't find someone just as backwards to replace him, but at least that man is going...and I suggest that you e-mail, call, fax, write your Congressfolk about how you'd like to have someone DECENT as head of the FCC. Not someone who's trying to censor our media and push the Adminstration's exclusive agenda.

*The headlines: The Washington Post - "An Ambitious President Advances His Idealism"

The New York Times: "The President's Speech Focuses on Ideals, Not The Details"

MSNBC: "Bush vows to spread liberty around the world" Their question of the day is "Do you think it's America's job to spread freedom around the world?" I say go visit and add your own distinct answer to that question.

CNN: Okay it's not a headline BUT it's good news as BOTH Condoleeza Rice's and Alberto Gonzales' Senate approval will be delayed.

The Boston Globe: Themes That Stir Supporters, Critics

*Apparently on TV yesterday afternoon, conservative columnist/pundit George Will remarked as he watched the Presidential parade go by: "This looks like a Banana Republic!...some military showing!" And Peggy Noonan at the Wallstreet journal said that it all "gave [her] a bad feeling..."
(thank my mom for the George Will comment as she called and told me about it as she watched it on TV and a co-worker told me about the Peggy Noonan comment).

*The Bush's were back at the White House last night by 10:03pm. On Charlie Rose last night, someone wondered why Washingtonians don't care for George much (outside the obvious). One of the commentators mentioned that it is because they do not KNOW him. He's either inside the White House or in Crawford, Texas clearing brush. "He and Laura do not entertain and do not go out." Apparently, when people do meet him, he's quite charming, tells a good story...he can't and shouldn't run anything more complicated than a water hose, but he's a nice guy...

*Nightline, Wednesday did a story on voter irregularities. Yeah, it only took them til NOW to talk about this, BUT at least they did acknowledge that the main reason they did was the FLOOD OF E-MAILS they have continued to get. If ever there was a sign to keep that up, there it is.

IN THE MEANTIME, someone PLEASE send e-mails to this sad individual at this "Christian" activist group that has put out a "gay warning" on Spongebob Squarepants?

Things officially do not bode well for the 2nd term President, and as he does need to be held accountable so KEEP E-MAILING! E-mail, call, fax, write your friends, your family, THE PRESS and your Congressfolk. They need to know that you are PAYING ATTENTION!! Pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Thursday, January 20, 2005

A Sad Damn Day...

Yep, he gets to do it again. It's just maddening. I could rant, but I have decided to at least try to think positively today.

*While I am not among them, there ARE protesters out there this morning in DC.

*Code Pink and other groups have sent out protest suggestions and event links such as wearing a white ribbon today or having a sign that reads "Not My President" (which I have at my desk), or participating in "NOT A DAMN DIME DAY" where you spend NO MONEY today.

*According to the New York Daily News, a group has arranged the "10,000 Jesuses" March to decry Bush's policies as they are, despite his thinking, against Christ's teachings: "They're due to carry signs proclaiming "Who Would I Torture?" and "What part of 'Turn the other cheek' don't you understand?" "

*There are other protesters who are going to be protesting outside Karl Rove (Evil Genius)'s house.

*In New Orleans, there is a "Jazz Funeral for Democracy" today (oh I'd like to be at that one).

*The cover of the Village Voice has a picture of Bush with devil horns and the headline is: Inauguration 2005-The Eve of Destruction

*The main headline of The New York Times is: Public Voicing Doubts on Iraq and the Economy, Poll Finds

*My friend Chip has alerted me to the lawsuit that is issuing: A consumer suit against Diebold --yee ha!

*There was an article in Tuesday's New York Times entitled "Cheney Exercising Muscle on Domestic Policy" which to me is further proof that everybody knows who's really running the country...

*While Kid Rock was banned from the youth concert due to lude lyrics, the lead singer of a band that played did announce in front of the tweens: "This is the greatest fucking country in the world!"

*Barbara Boxer and John Kerry voted against Condoleeza Rice yesterday at her Senate approval hearings.

*There is growing dissent among House Republicans over Bush' Social Security plan

*An NBC/Washington Post poll said that %52 of people think that the cost of removing Saddam Hussein has NOT been worth it.

*The President's approval rating is %50. The only President who came into a second term with an equal or lower rating was Richard Nixon...and he was forced to resign and year and half later due to the Watergate scandal.

Here's hoping...

In the meantime...KEEP E-MAILING! E-mail, call, write, fax your Congresspeople 'cause they need to know that we are PAYING ATTENTION!! And make sure your friends and family do the same. And don't forget to get to the Press as well. We have four more years, here (unless the affair with COndi gets announced and another scandal gets announced) and we have to got to make our voices heard. So pass it on, pass it on, pass it on :):):)

Peace --Alex

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Just so you know...

If you didn't know this already, the country is STILL outrageously divided. And the Washington Post isn't the only one saying that "President Bush will begin his second term in office without a clear mandate to lead the nation, with strong disapproval of his policies in Iraq and with the public both hopeful and dubious about his leadership on the issues that will dominate his agenda..." Ya THINK?!? See the whole story right here:

And also, as we approach the Inauguration, Tom Ridge (yeah, that guy who is actually still head of Homeland Security) mentioned that, contrary to Bush campaign rhetoric, terrorist threats are DOWN.

Who wants to bet me that suddenly we'll be back up to High Alert Orange by tomorrow night? ("Tom, we need to raise the threat level," - "But there's no reason to. We haven't had any chatter for months-" - "It's the Inauguration and we need to make George look threatened and important" - "But," - "No buts. Make it Orange by Thursday morning," - "Yes, sir".)


Condoleeza Rice gets to sit through her approval hearings now and of course says, NOW, that they want to rey diplomacy. They want to "mend strained ties" with other, if you hadn't strained them in the first place...and I just want to know how George, who still thinks that Iraq was a good idea and has hired non desenters for his cabinet, plans on soothing strained realtions with all these people who disagree with them..I mean I know Condi's charming and all, but...I also love how, once again, folsk are bringing up the fact that she and George are "unusually close"...I'm thinking first word of the affair will be by, say, March..anyone, anyone?

"Remember, Condi...use the word 'freedom' a lot."

Speaking of people who don't agree with George, one may have heard last week about a group of 6 Louisiana National Guardsmen who were killed in the same attack. Their families wanted to the press to air their funerals and the Pentagon sharply disagreed. Thank God Nightline did a story on this last night. Did I see it? No, I have the cold going around that I can only call "the nastiness" so I was in bed quite early. But luckily my mom saw it and alerted me to it. You can see it for yourself right here at:

And tied for the "ABOUT DAMN TIME!" and "WHY WAS THIS NOT COVERED NATIONALLY?!?!" categories, John Kerry spoke at a Martin Luther King, Jr. event yesterday about talked about election fraud (!!!). Now the only reason I can possibly think that it's taken him so long to say or do anything is that he was completely devastated...and apparently he was, and Therese was worse. But at least he did DID speak. Yeah it's late, but yeah you try to run for President, get the momentum you need, hear everybody talk about how it's sown up and then sit there on election night and watch the horror. Personally, I think I would have crumpled into a ball and rolled into a cave, as well, for a loooong time.

Wonkette has a photo, but nothing about the story itself that i could see. Then again, I am on cold medicine so who knows what I've missed this morning. I'm amazed my underwear is on the inside today.

And now for the chuckle of the day...thanks to (scroll down to their "Odds and Ends" section. It was a hard choice today between the man who hid himself inside a TV to avoid police (Can't do that with the plasma screens now can ya?), and this story, of a man who in his will, commisioned a fountain that must have at least "one life-size naked man". Now the fountain is to be built in Seattle...if this were in like, Kansas, this might be funnier :p

And while you're thinking about how they'll pose the naked man in the fountain, KEEP E-MAILING!! One thing I've noticed of late is that the press is starting to pay attention to certain stories, but not enough people watch (particularly when you got people like Limbaugh talking about how he doesn't read the paper and other neo-con pundits talking about how it's all liberal media anyway) or read them. E-mail, call, fax, write your friends, your family, the press and your Congressfolk and make sure they know that WE ARE PAYING ATTENTION and that your friends and family should be paying attention as well! Particularly with The Horror-Part 2 about to happen Thursday. I am unable to make it to DC that day to throw eggs at the Preidential limo, but United For Peace and Justice suggests that you wear a white ribbon in protest. I think I may do that. Gotta do SOMETHING! And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Talk about shamless publicity...

it's not just me. It's the White House. As we learn more about how Armstrong Williams was paid by the Department of Education to push Bush's "No Child Left Behind" plan, the White House now is trying to get employees of Social Security to push his new plan for that program and essentially scare people into believing that his plan is the only way to go, yet there are employees, particularly the head of the union of Social Security workers, who have publicly declared that they find this "fear mongering" and do not want to be part of the administration's publicity stunt. You can see the whole story at:

I usually don't have a Saturday edition but I saw this on NBC news tonight and checked for the article they referenced (above) in the Times and just found myself apalled.

And as long as I'm here, might as well mention:

In the "things George doesn't want to hear" category:

*Charles Graner was convicted after only five hours of deliberation of abuse of Abu Ghraib prisoners. he faces up to ten years in prison and will be given a dishonorable discharge.

*Ariel Sharon has cut off all contact with Mahmoud Abbas, therefore cutting off the MidEast Peace Process (which george may actually not be too worried about himself until someone in his office says "Um, George?..."

*As he prepares for his Inaugruation-with Laura defending the $40 mill party-there is this article in the NY Times entitled "Second term, seldom a charm..."

All right, that'll do for today, and hopefully y'all won't see me til Monday

If you are home tonight and you end up watching the Tsunami Aid Telethon tonight, or think it's a little too cheesy for you, remember this, a lot of the government money pledged may never get collected so give what you can...and we all know that if you'd prefer NOT to give to the Red Cross as many DO have their issues with that organization, there are many others to which you can give (and you can even check this blog for other links).

In the meantime, PEACE --Alex

Friday, January 14, 2005


You gotta love it when you come into work, sit down at the computer, get into yahoo and one headline reads: "Bush Admits Misgivings About Famed Phrases". Is this the new Bush? The one who actually will admit he's made a mistake (or two, or forty...)? He apparently had a "round table discussion" with 14 reporters (did they have to sign a loyalty oath?) and admitted that "sometimes words have consquences you don't intend them to mean..." he mainly was referring to when he declared the war "over" and said "Bring 'em on". And I quote from the article "It kind of, some interpreted it to be defiance in the face of danger. That certainly wasn't the case." REALLY?? I wonder how that could have been misinterpreted-"bring 'em on" as a defiant a time of war. And you gotta love how Laura scolded him for making that comment about wanting Osama Bin Laden "Dead or Alive". See the rest at:

gotta love how the link ends with "bush regrets"...I'm sure he regrets the headline which is a from the above quote "Sometimes, words have consequences..." (now turning page in new children's book entitled "George Said...but I didn't mean it.")

And speaking of things that Bush may be regretting...

The FBI has had enough trouble and now it may have to scrap a computer overhaul it deperately needs cause the overhaul has had serious "technical and planning problems". Yep, this is our government at work...has Homeland Security been alerted to this?

And speaking of our government at work... George is reminding us that he hates the poor. Okay, maybe that's a little's just that the poor couldn't contribute to his campaign and will look messy on Inauration day. And the federal programs to help them are completely getting in the way of making more tax cuts, so let's get rid of those programs shall we? The one being "consolidated" today is the community and rural housing branch of HUD. Take a look at:

Send a thank you to Rep. Barney Frank of MA for speaking out against this plan which he finds "just apalling".

Speaking of apalling things... The people who went to Bush rallies were invited. The people in his cabinet are all yes-people. He does not like to be disagreed with, and apparently this influence has spread to a NH insurance company that has decided to cut off an 80-year-old retired doctor's insurance because of her political views. Yes, it actually says she was cut off because of "the political positions the insured holds." See the rest at:


In the "things Bush doesn't wanna hear" category, a US Panel has announced that Iraq, thanks to the war, is now growing into a breeding ground for terrorists...See the whole story at:

Um...didn't we go in there to STOP this kind of thing? Oh wait, there was nothing going on before we went in so how could we

And to stay in this category and add "things Bush doesn't want YOU to hear" Paul Krugman of the NYTimes has a great Op-Ed piece about how if you STILL aren't sure that Bush's plan for Social Security is a horrible idea, just look at Great Britain's retirement issues:

Staying in Great Britain, in the "Thank God that's not MY kid" category, Margaret Thatcher's son has plead guilty to charges that he and others were planning a coup to take over Equitorial Guinea. *I can just hear Margaret moaning "Oh why couldn't he have just done drugs or listened to that heavy metal music?"* Yep, he couldn't just get loaded and pee on some Duke's shrubbery, nor get caught in a Nazi outfit at a party (yeah, you thought Prince Harry was an idiot)...nope, he had to plot a coup...then again, who's his mother?

And now, just cause we could all use a chuckle (particularly if you have been dealing with mudslides on the west coast, flooding in the midwest or just the dank, gray, foggy, cold/hot/cold/hot/cold hell of the east coast) provides us another prize as they give us the story of a Romanian couple, who, as a thank you to the company that brought them together, they have named their new son "Yahoo":

Once again, we witness parents who obviously were not teased as children cause of their names...and, like Bush, don't think of the consequences of their words...

So we all know what they did before little Yahoo came along, they KEPT E_MAILING!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends and family, the press and your Congressfolk. Let them know that you are PAYING ATTENTION and have something to say! And, as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on :)

Peace --Alex

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Now they talk about it...

Or at least Chris Matthews is. He's talking about how in 1998, a Neo-Con think tank called The Project for a New America which included members such as Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol and Richard Perle, put together a proposal and sent it off to then President Clinton, offering up a plan to invade Iraq, make it a democracy or monarchy and then start hitting other oil rich/muslim nations such as Iran, then Syria, then Jordan, etc etc etc. I remember my mom telling me about seeing this story on Nightline in 2002 or 2003. It's popped up here and there since the war began but no one has actually discussed it at length or made it the pronounced story that it really is. You think you might want to mention to the rest of the press that they ought to do something serious about this? perhaps?? maybe?? please?? Matthews makes a good point here, relating it to the fact that it was a bunch of "policy wonks" who put this war together, not thinking about the military-many of whom felt sketchy about this idea from the get go...and it's the soliers who are trapped and dying from their poorly planned delusion of grandeur.

And speaking of Iraq, from the beginning of the invasion, Bush has talked about the great day when Iraqis vote for their own leader. He has not allowed for any delay of the vote despite growing violence and even publicly announced doubt raised by Ayad Allawi. This is "Freedom On The March!" Well, not so much so anymore as apparently now we are now "lowering the expectations" of this vote. It's kind of like the war on terror; first it was "We're gonna get Osama Bin Laden!!!" and then it was "Well, he's not really my priority.." Umm...what's that sound I hear? *ffflip...ffffflop...ffffflip...fffflop*

Apparently they "really encourage people not to focus on numbers, which in themselves don't have any meaning"...remember folks, they are Republicans and they are the ones who have this thing about vote counts and recounts and all *and aren't real concerned whether or not EVERYBODY gets out there to vote...*

Speaking of the vote and the Inauguration it brings: You gotta love how it took a bit to find the money to pay for the tsunami effort (and we still can't find it for soldiers' armor, for education, etc etc etc...) but WOW can this administration find it for the Big Party.

Jon Stewart and friends had the best line the other night on the Daily Show about how DC is being stuck with the STEEP security bill "as thanks for giving 90 percent of their votes to his opponent"

And speaking of peeved liberals in DC, Senator Kennedy made a speech yesterday about how he believes the Dems can FINALLY take things back and turn the retrograde cosmos of Congress around:


Please go to and just read everything. There is some great stuff in there on everything from Kid Rock suddenly NOT playing an Inauguration gala (hosted by Jenna and Barbara, but of course); It apparently has mainly to do with a bunch of "pro-family" groups who had actually taken time to read his lyrics and protested (some might say they protest too much, particularly the one guy who felt "disgusted and dirty" after reading them...but he did keep reading them...and reading them...and reading them...and then flogged himself afterwards...and them read them again...). I think it may have something to do with the fact that JoJo and Hillary Duff are performing..and then there's Jenna and Barbara...and the Rock probably made some comment about how "everybody can get a piece of The Rock" (and perhaps I just dated myself making reference to a 70's-80's Prudential ad, but, whatever); to Gary Bauer's "Hidden Agenda". And it's always fun to read bits from The Daily Briefing, particularly when Scott McClellan is left getting twitchy and speaking of people getting twitchy, Bill O'Reilly apparently will be part of the tsunami relief telethon set up by George Clooney...once again, that is

And cause CNN always has something for me:

You know SOMEBODY out there is going to read this and go "Martini Galaxy? What a great name for a bar!!" *if it hasn't already been done..and now that guy can frame this article behind the bar*

So when you're not-or even when you are-enjoying a martini, KEEP E-MAILING! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends, family, the press and your congressfolk, let them know that you ARE paying attention!! and as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


They've finally given it up, folks. It's official, says this "official" in a CNN article titled "U.S. ends search for WMD in IRAQ"

The reason this country WENT to war in Iraq was BECAUSE these weapons were apparently ALREADY THERE!! If they were already there, why did we have to LOOK for them? And now, Mr. Duehlfur had to sheepishly reiterate, "Um...well, we didn't find anything..." - "I'm sorry, we didn't hear you, could you repeat that please?" - "We didn't find any WMD..." - "So, there really was nothing on which to base this war-" - "Saddam Hussein was an iminent threat-" - "With no weapons of mass destruction-" - "Exactly" - "And no connection to Osama Bin Laden-" - "...Correct" - "And no threats against us as a nation-" - "...Correct" - "So the reason to go into Iraq was...?" - "The President will be out shortly to answer your questions, thank you!"
Any bets on when Duelfur suddenly "resigns" so he can "spend more time with his family"?

Speaking of questions the President won't want to have to answer, Bloggerman is BACK and with a vengeance, discussing the "Pay For Praise" story that was overshadowed by the whole CBS document scandal. Basically, the Education Department paid $241,000 in return for "hyp[ing] the No Child Left Behind" Program. Apparently Mr. Williams ain't the only one getting paid for some good Admin. hype. And this practice apparently has spread to IRAQ. Reporters who showed up for a press conference with Ayad Allawi apparently were given a shiny new $100 bill (American $100 bill) as they left. Apparently this is common practice in Middle Eastern countries...wonder where they got THAT idea from. See whole story at:


Okay, let's time how long it takes to find something on George's latest Homeland Security pick, Michael Chertoff. Already, he is being criticized for actions taken post 9/11, particulary as when he was Asst. Attorney General (ding! ding! ding! that's a red flag right there), he helped "oversee" 762 detentions of foreign nationals...for IMMIGRATION violations, nothing to do with terrorism. Yep, yep, yep, he's a little sketchy, too, but what does he have in common with the rest of the cabinet? He says "Yes, George, that's a great idea!"

Please go to - which I would have recommended yesterday as I would have just stolen all the material anyway - if only for the bit Bush's speech about Chertoff:

"In the linked CNN story regarding the appointment of Chertoff, Bush is quoted as saying, "He understood immediately that the strategy on the war on terror is to prevent the attacks before they occur."

My question: is there another way to prevent an attack? Is it possible to prevent an attack after it occurs?

I await illumination with bated breath."

And in the "Thank God something GOOD is happening in the world" with the tsunami, and the mudslides in CA...

A San Fran expectant mother wasn't gonna make it to the hopsital so she pulled over into a local McDonald's for her special delivery:

And speaking of new babies, my friend Geoff and his wife Julie are now the proud parents of a new-as in Monday-baby boy! Yee Ha! Many Congrats and Blessings to them :):):)

And do as they did when they announced this and Keep E-mailing!!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends, family, the press and your COngressfolk, let them know that we are indeed paying attention! And, as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on.

Peace --Alex

Monday, January 10, 2005

CBS, Social Security and lotsa rain...

The Democrats couldn't stop the man from getting back into office-and we all know that it certainly was not for lack of trying (yes, I would still rather blame the fact that is was Leap Year than the Dems lack of organization)-but at leats they are apparently united in trying to stop the man's agenda. I say, KEEP E-MAILING THEM AND MAKE SURE THEY MEAN THAT! E-mail, call, fax, write, NAG, basically, hold 'em to this:

Quote of the day from the article:

"The president's idea of bipartisanship is, 'Here's what I want to do, join me,' " said Rep. Robert Menendez (N.J.), chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. "It isn't about negotiating. It isn't about compromise. It's almost this belief that they have the monopoly on what's best for the country." Rock on, New Jersey!

And can we also give it up to Rep. Emmanuel of Illinois for this remark about the Administration's plan for Social Security:

"Their strategy is, we're going to scare people, cut benefits, privatize and call it a reform agenda," said Representative Rahm Emanuel, Democrat of Illinois. [Ain't that the truth.]

See the article from whence it comes:

One would like to believe that fighting the agenda shouldn't be that difficult anyway as W's approval rating is low enough that it has the conservative papers wondering...this from the Washington Times about how the low approval rating may actually hinder Bush pushing his agenda can only hope, man, one can only hope...


CBS, it appears, has fired four staffers who were part of the Bush National Guard paperwork farce. Part of me understands this; the four fired-according to an independent investigation-ignored basic journalistic principles in order to be the first to report the story. The other part me is thinking, Ken Starr wasted MILLIONS of tax-payer dollars, essentially doing the same thing-ignoring basic legal principles-trying to bust Clinton and, correct me if I'm wrong as I've been up far too long this morning already, but I don't recall his being investigated in this fashion AND, last check, he hasn't had to pay back the millions of tax dollars lost in that mess...but that's just me.

And in the positively scary news category today, Newt Gingrinch has said he wouldn't rule out a 2008 run for the White House...Is it just me or did I just see one of the four horses of the apocolypse riding down 56th just now?

And if you haven't heard, it's been raining something close to non-stop in California for what, 2-3 months now?!?! It is RIDICULOUS! People have been losing their homes in mudslides, roads are caving in. I got one friend who just moved out there in November and another about to move out there and I do not envy them one bit. I'll take simple cold any day. You might want to look into donations there, too, as it is just getting UGLY.

And speaking of making donations...there was a story on the news last night about how, due to tsunami destruction, hospitals have NOTHING. I have not had the chance this morning to look up ways to do this as yet, but I would like to figure if you give to Doctors Without Borders or some group like that there may be a way to donate medical supplies. There are children and adult injured who, due to lack supplies and equipment, are being left to die. If I get more info on this, I will of course, let y'all know.


Anybody wanna buy a Biosphere?

In the meantime, KEEP E-MAILING!! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends, family, the press and your Congressfolk and let them know that you are paying attention!! And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Friday, January 07, 2005


Send the woman some love as she at least stood up and said Hey, let me do something here for the disenfranchised voter. Let me be the one senator that says something, here and let me be the one who stands up and offers the first election challenge since 1877. It delayed the unfortunately inevitable only by four hours, but at least the challenge and the following debate occured-unlike in 2000. I do believe that without as many people speaking out and contacting their congresspeople, this would not have happened at all. So please keep supporting your Congressfolk-or if you don't like yours, support the ones you DO like, as it appears, they are actually listening.

Now we just need to get the press to listen more often. This story barely made a blip on the news but at least a few people marked it down:

And then you can read the Newsweek article on John Kerry about what he learned during the whole campaign...

It all makes me figure, that, in a way, it is divine intervention that W. is back in office, cause he has to clean up the mess he has created himself and be witness to the potential implosion of his administration. His approval rating, despite his re-election the Republicans controlling everything, remains at %49, which is not good for a guy going into his Inauguration.

Speaking of cleaning up that mess, The New York Times has this lovely report on our favorite Medal of Freedom winner George Tenet as he and the rest of the big-wigs at the CIA "failed in Pre-9/11" efforts. I'm sure W.'s people are lovin' seeing THAT headline this morning...

That and this one from The Boston Globe about how Democrats are out to alter the Social Security debate with "unaticipated attacks" (part of me is going "UNANTICIPATED?!?!" Had they actually LOOKED at this legislation? Have they read the papers or read the news mentioning how, overall, people do NOT think this plan is a good idea? Oh wait...George doesn't get that info from his people...) I say keep those attacks going and support the Congressfolk with some e-mails and phone calls goin' "You BETTER not let that plan go through!! Attack away!"

And do you think perhaps George and Karl are calling Allawi right now after his annoucing that, as Iraq sets up for "elections" at the end of the month, that he expects the violence to rise? *"What are you trying to do? SCARE PEOPLE?!?!? You're supposed to calm them down, you leave the scare tactics to us!"*


7,000 more bodies have been found in East Asia so if you got anything else to give, now's the time...Kofi Annan looked at the devastation there today and was left in awe:

A good thing coming out of this is that at least 1) people have been giving A LOT and 2) there are tourists there who have been volunteering their time and helping out rather than just try to get home and escape it all so applause to them, man :)

And Alberto Gonzalez "speaks out against torture"...yeah, NOW:

And cause after all this we could just use a chuckle:

Doug Mientkiewicz has the ball.

And Happy Birthday, Elvis!

In the meantime KEEP E-MAILING. They're starting to pay attention to the fact that WE are paying attetion so keep it GOING! E-mail, call, write, fax your friends, family, the press and your Congress people. Let your voice be heard!! And as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on :)

Peace --Alex

Thursday, January 06, 2005


So today, in Congress, John Conyers will be standing before Congress, with other representatives to fight the Ohio Electors. Senator Barbara Boxer of California will stand up with him, as she declared yesterday. Conyers and friends only need the one senator, but wouldn't it be nice to have more? I am presently listening to the lovely classical hold music...wait...have just passed on "my concerns to Chuck Shumer's onto Hillary (her line was busy earlier (and all while people are making me do my JOB...there is a poor girl here in the lobby waiting to go in for a job interview while I say "Hello, I was wondering if..dammit it's a MACHINE!"...and as I wait for Hillary...I think it's Chopin) OKAY I got through...I have been told that, only one senator is allowed to be the signatore-and that role has been taken by Barbara Boxer-and that afterward there can be a debate where other Senators can make a statement. I was told that if Hillary was going to make a statment, it would be on her website. I mentioned that this constituent hopes she indeed makes a statement. So we shall see. Start nagging her website now :) And by the way, the girl waiting for the job interview overheard me, asked about what was going on and sent in her plea to Senators through True Majority :).

Keith Olbermann has been writing from his sickbed (you gotta give it up for this man as, whether he's on vacation or in his "sickbed", when news breaks, he's there at the blog) and has a very good report on the whole shabang at:

And even CNN has a story about this, you gotta dig for it at the website, but I have it for you right here:


Alberto, Alberto, Alberto...according to the headline at, he "vows to follow law" if he is confirmed...To me, that's kinda like saying, "okay, okay, I'll stop cheating on my exams if you actually give me an A" cause, you know, following the law BEFORE potential confirmation obviously isn't that big of a deal for him. See the whole story at:

You should also head to as they have a great piece on Gonzalez, particularly information for when he worked for then Governor W. in Texas and left out "key information" on clemency paperwork for death row inmates. Wonkette also has a priceless photo of John McGlaughin with an Ann Coulter doll, please take a look :p


Another story you have to dig for at the site is how there are indeed conservative Republicans-particularly Rep. Pence of Indiana- who want to "roll back" some of the stuff Bush is planning...these are guys that juuust may lose GOP funding for their re-election campaigns for saying that word that George hates to hear-"no" (even if they still have horrible conservative ideas):

Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco, who helped thousands of gay couples get married and got the national debate rolling, is sadly getting divorced from his wife of three years- though they will "remain close friends". Admittedly a part of me was goin' 1) he'd easily find a nice boyfriend in the area and 2) I'm RIGHT HERE! He's tall and cute and willing to make some change, what can I say?

As we continue to hear more about the tsunami aid effort, one story got me a bit today. On the Today show, they talked to a school in Dallas that is collecting teddy bears for the children left behind. Apparently, the woman who has coordinated this effort, has a son who is volunteering in Indonesia. He told her that doctors are-of course-worried about the children, not just because they need food, clothes and shelter, but as they are "not acting like children". Apparently, handing them a teddy bear has been the best medicine while they deal with the trauma of their situation. I believe you can get more info at the Today show website about donating to this project, but, you may just want to, when donating, think about sending down a teddy bear. You can see more at:

All right, time for me to call Senator Kennedy's office (his phone's been busy for quite some time) and send a thank you e-mail to Barbara Boxer. It is also time for me to remind you to KEEP E-MAILING! Call, write, fax, e-mail your friends, family, the press and most definitely your Congressfolk and LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU ARE PAYING ATTENTION! And, as always, pass it on, pass it on...

Peace --Alex :)

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

because I got up too early today...

I missed the story on Common Dreams about the rally in Ohio AND how there is a lawsuit from the Bush campaign to stop an election investigation...once again, what is it with the Republicans always wanting to STOP a recount or voting-irregularities investigation???

Sleep depravation is not always healthy when blogging (let alone when you mix that with desperation and a telephone--almost as bad as drunk dialing...yes, I've learned this the hard way...) but unfortunately I've at times been my most creative when itchin' for 40 winks....mmmm...fumes...

You gotta love a headline that reads: "Anti-Schwarzenegger campaign kicks off". Basically the CA State Treasurer is merely asking, "How come Arnie said we'd have a balanced budget and we don't?" See it all for yourself at:

And please allow me to add this article sent to me by my friend Fred: Resolutions for The Damned.


This site started out as a place to plug my own stuff so here's a couple things to plug :)

1) If you find yourself at the Richard Tucker Gala at Alice Tully Hall on 1/11, look up at the back row of altos as I will be singing with the New York Choral Society as we perform as what I call, the back-up chorus to such opera artists as Denyce Graves, James Morris and others.

2) I'm making my directing debut as part of the Strawberry Theatre Festival at the Riant Theatre 2/9. The piece I am directing is called Well Laid Desert by Walter Brandes :)

And if anyone has any great suggestions for grants for individual artists I am well open to them as I have been hunting down stuff on line til my eyes cross but have only a couple of options thus far. Feel free to "comment" on this (or hell anything else you've read thus far :))

Peace --Alex

Who knew?

Apparently on Monday in Boston at Faneuil Hall there was a sizeable rally, protesting the vote. My mother hears about this on Stephanie Miller cause no one in the Boston press was talking about it ("I hadn't heard a thing!" she said). And obviously no OTHER press talked out it either. And last I saw, no on talked about the rally in Columbus as well, save for Stephanie Miller and her listeners. This is not good people. I am beginning to worry that there are reporters out there who feel that if they report on stuff that is anti-government, they risk losing their invitations to the Inauguration. (in the words of Gollum: "prrrrrecious!")


Alberto Gonzalez is up for confirmation and luckily there ARE people talking about this. Suddenly, folks are beginning to notice that George has a thing for rewarding his yes men with really good gigs: from Medals of Freedom to the job of Attorney General. Alberto Gonzalez is known for saying to George "sure you can hold these people indefinitely...and torture? No that's not torture, that's just 'extreme interrogation practices'...wait, let me talk to the Justice Department guys. We can work this out over a couple of beers..." You can see more at:

Speaking people of getting gifts they don't quite deserve...or at least this falls into the "boggles my mind category", according to Page Six of the New York Post "Karl Rove, the political guru behind President Bush's re-election, will be honored by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) Jan. 17 at the Hilton."

WHAT?!?!!? Oh wait, when dividing the nation in order to keep his boss in office (ie keep HIS job), it wasn't necessarily by race, just by approving fliers reading that liberals were going to ban the Bible. Still not sure how this man who looks like a cartoon villain (and acts like one) is getting an award from CORE...then again, this whole administration got back into office so there is just SOMETHING in the cosmos, man.

Speaking of things that boggle my mind...I heard a blip on the news last night that, due to Vince Neil of Motley Crue "dropping the F-bomb" on Jay Leno's New Years' special (he basically turned to Tommy Lee and said "Happy F***in' New Year!"), the FCC is "launching an investigation". Yes you read correctly, LAUNCHING AN INVESTIGATION, cause they want to find out if that moment was planned...have these people not heard Vince Neil, let alone a good number of rock musicians TALK?!? Have they not heard people on the street?!?! Yep, this is our government at work...

Speaking of our government at work...George may have been a little leery of giving funds to East Asia, but if anyone was doubtful about the gravity of the situation, that got cleared up real fast as Colin Powell remains "shocked" by the devastation: “I’ve been in war and I’ve been a diplomat ... but I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said after a 30-minute helicopter tour. See more at:

In the "About Damn Time" category, the New York Times has a story on how the Pentagon is toughening sexual assault policy:

And in the "Cause George thinks it's okay...even though it's really not" category, there are TWO op-ed pieces on the horrendous Social Security plan:

Okay...after all these we really could use a chuckle and luckily, once again can provide it, and twice even..

So you just got that new photo iPod for ChristmaKwanzaaKah, and you're about to put in family photos, pics from that weekend in Vegas with your buddies and, of course, some porn. Yep, Playboy is offering "iBod":

AND, after all that gets you all revved up, you and your partner may want to indulge in some playtime, but which condoms really can "take the most abuse"?:

Now THEY say they test with air (please see balloon quote in article), but there's something that tells me that there's something more than a balloon pump at work here...

SO after you've put down your "iBod", KEEP E-MAILING!! E-mail, call, fax, write your friends, family, the press, and your Congressfolk and let them know that you are paying attention! Let your voice be heard! And, as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

And welcome to 2005!

Is it just me or does it feel like it shouldn't be January 4th already?

I hope you all had a lovely New Years celebration - personally I got to celebrate the New Year and the engagement of my friends Doug and Shawn; more power to 'em :):):) (the girl in me is already picking out an outfit to wear to the wedding as there is discussion of a 20's to 50's theme)

But now we have to get to the news:

According to the December 30th Keith Olbermann (his last entry), John Conyers is indeed challenging the Ohio electors and is still looking for a Senator. ANYONE?!?!? Time to make some phone calls, e-mails, send faxes and letters. All it takes is ONE.


John Kerry was interviewed by Newsweek and talks about why he lost. I do not have this week's mag, yet but I'll bet it'll be some decent reading even if, as the Newsweek editor interviewed on the Today Show said "oh yeah, he's complained about some of what's written".

Speaking of people who don't always like what the press has written about them, W., in his usual, "too little, too late" fashion has gotten his Dad and Bill Clinton to go around the country trying to raise money for the East Asia relief effort.'s hard to kick a guy who's finally trying to do something here, did take him 3 days to come forth and say something AT ALL about the tragedy over there (according to Howard Fineman, "he takes his vacation seriously...and you just can't do that when you're President" I think someone forgot to tell George that). And then George pledges money...the UN calls us stingy...and that's when I think the advisors started one of those conversations "Um...Mr. President?" - "You know I was THIS close to catching a bass THIS BIG when that stupid flood call came in-" - "Mr. President, we have to give more money." - "WHAT? We barely have enough for Iraq!" - "Yes, but we have to do something. We can't have the UN calling us stingy, sir," - "Don't they know we got a war going on? Can't other people take care of this?" - "Um, we have to do this George...we have enough bad press...we're getting hammered by Japan on this aid thing...we're trying to get people to like us again Mr. President, remember?" - "See, that's what gets me...I'm trying to free people-you know, like Moses-and suddenly they're all pissy about it. Nobody got pissed at Moses. Freedom is on the march! Why don't they get that?" - "Mr. President can we stick to East Asia?" - "Where?" - "The tsunami, sir," - "Oh yeah that...well, give 'em money...and maybe we can get OTHER people to give money. You know, get the country to give..." - "Um, that's already happening-" - "Yeah, that's it, I'll get Daddy and maybe...some go around and do a fundraising tour!"-"Um, see the people are already giving, sir...on the web..." - "Get my Dad on the phone and we'll see about setting this up. This sounds good, right?" - "Yes, sir...we'll get your father on the phone..." Obviously George has not been on the "internets" lately...

And speaking of George's Daddy, here's a quote from Larry King Live, when asked about how they could justify the extremely lavish Inauguration in the wake (I know, poor wording) of such tragedy:

BUSH: I think life goes on. I don't think we can give up, should. I don't think it will help anything in Sri Lanka if the balls were, you know, peeled back in terms of the inauguration.

The segment from which this came on wonkette is entitled: "If we cancel the Inauguration, the Tsunamis have won"

Oh and here's a fav story today. Last week I mentioned that the GOP was looking to loosen ethics rules due to Tom DeLay's situation, but due to "harsh criticism", this has all been reversed...but not completely. You can see more at:

what I love is how apparently, Tom DeLay started the reversal ball rolling AND this line from Rep. Wamp of Tennessee: "I feel like we have just taken a shower." [enter your own joke here...there are just too many to be made]

And now for the "cause we could use a chuckle" category:

Fox, once again, has tilted the tastless meter with the reality/ paternity test show "Who's Your Daddy?" And the winner apparently got $100,000 for picking the right guy out of 8 men who could have potentially been her birth father. Finola Hughes, formerly of General Hospital and Saturday Night Fever sequel Staying Alive obviously REALLY needed the money, agreeing to host this show.

In the meantime, KEEP E-MAILING! E-mail, call, fax, write and let your voice be heard! And, as always, pass it on, pass it on, pass it on!

Peace --Alex :)