Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Really, ladies?

You know, I like to think that ladies want to help each other out, particularly when it comes to health care. Until recently, most medical studies were only performed on men thus women's health issues were vastly ignored. These days, women have come together to make sure our health needs are taken care of. Groups like the Susan G. Komen foundation partnered with Planned Parenthood, making sure they had the resources to provide breast exams and such.

And then, this happened: http://www.npr.org/2012/01/31/146160911/susan-g-komen-halts-grants-to-planned-parenthood?sc=fb&cc=fp

The Susan G. Komen foundation says that it was due to Planned Parenthood being under investigation. But out of 2000 organizations to whom they give grants, Planned Parenthood was the only one losing grant status.

And this would mainly be due to Karen Handel. Karen Handel is a VP at Susan G. Komen AND a fan of Sarah Palin AND anti-abortion.

Due to the reaction to this on social media - I am guessing the Komen people HATE social media right now - two Komen staffers resigned in protest, Planned Parenthood got more money donated to them in two days than the amount of their grant from the Komen foundation (this included a $250,000 donation from Mayor Mike Bloomberg of NYC), AND it forced Komen to reverese their decision...at least for the existing grants. Most likely, particularly if Karen Handel is still there and gets her way, Planned Parenthood may not get their grant for the following year.

Hopefully, this will not be the case.

Particularly if you go here, and ask Susan G. Komen to fire Karen Handel.

And also stop giving money to the Komen foundation. Only 24% of their donations actually go to research and "the cure". And they have spent a lot of your donated funds fighting groups that use "for the cure" in their title. I generally do not like to ask people to stop funding a group that aids in women's health, but as they are proving more sketchy than helpful, I have to at least suggest you educate yourself before giving them more money than you may have already given them.


Peace --Alex

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where have I been? What have I been working on?

This: Benjamin.

And yes, I will look like the nanny when we head out, but I know the truth. He is all mine...and my husband's.

He is, yes, I am going to use this terribly overused word, amazing. And yes, he is a genius, creative, curious, observant...all at 15 days old.

My husband is convinced that he will get darker as he gets older, though I personally think that his pinkness is permanent. My mother married a man with dominant genes and it appears I have done the same. But it does not matter as Benjamin is certainly no less handsome. But it will be amusing that first time someone says something like "You tell his mother..." (this happened to the friend of a friend...)

I plan on being back to work and getting more seriously back to this blog by March at the latest. The present presidential candidates are giving us all far too much material to work with at present for me not to be writing, even if it is with one hand typing while the other holds the baby...


Peace --Alex